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Just for a second,
Friday, October 15, 2010,6:36 PM
can I pretend that I don't care?

I don't know why I even bother but I can't help but get anxious. You're in a sleepover with three girls. I mean, three gorgeous girls. Gorgeous to the point that I can't even dare to stand next to them or I'll drown in my own insecurities. Okay, sorry. I don't doubt you or your self-control... but being with them for a night... I could picture a lot of images in my mind right now. A lot.

Anyway. Guess I'll just watch some movies and distract myself. If he's having fun there... I would too, in a way.

I mean, I can't seem to understand why he's having fun without me. Uhm. I mean, so much fun than if we're together. Is it really that boring when we're together? Am I the only one having fun then?


So yeah. I'm currently finding a way to watch the latest episode of Glee. I downloaded it last night but it wont play in either DivX or Windows Media Player. Great. Really great.

Today wasn't really good for me. I forgot my violet pen, which is what I'm using for the reviewer so there's no continuity there anymore. Then, I forgot my lunch box at school, which is totally cool by the way. I got a very passive score in PE. I studied so hard but look what I got. 85. Gosh, it does suck to be me.

Well. That's life. If today wasn't good, then maybe tomorrow is. I am thinking positive right now. :) Guess I just have to be really optimistic and be in a good mood so I won't mess things up.

So I read Abby's post a while ago about people who have big eyes. Lol. And my friends said I have bigger eyes compared to Abby's. Guess I shouldn't be regretful of my eyes anymore. Azielle and Gilliane told me the other day that girls with big eyes are more beautiful. Especially if they have long and thick lashes. Guess what? I have those too. :D Actually, Gill told me that a while ago too. Now, Sir Glenn told Mendel that the big eyes are the most expressive eyes among all. So they're beautiful. That made me smile. At least, some people appreciate big-eyes people like us. :) That made my day.

So I'm currently watching You Don't Mess With The Zohan now. And maybe Bedtime Stories later. Adam Sandler much? :))) He's just too funny to resist. Bedtime Stories was fun. The kids were adorable! And I had a lot of fun watching it. The movie was funny and great and... oh well, just watch it.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but these days, I've been pretty crabby. Even to my little brother. I thought of a lot of negative things and I'm being emo, I guess. But why? I just don't understand. I could hear the quiet sobs of my brother and it torments me. What the hell is wrong with me?

I have to figure it out. This isn't good.

Good night tho.

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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