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Two down. More to go.
Monday, August 17, 2009,2:40 PM
Just finished taking the tests in Math and TLE. So d*mn hard, men! But the trip home was so much fun. Me, together with Zubenel and Grazielle laughed our souls out. *Wow! Hyperbole!* Okay, gettin' back, we had fun of our names by adding -ers and -ables to them. At that point, we were the only ones laughing hard. No one was barely speaking as loud as our voices are. Imagine that! I made Zubenel's voice loud. :)) And she did laugh so hard. I am just so happy today. I'm so sorry. =))))

What else? I'm planning to make a portion of my blog for my blog entries. Nah, not for showing off! Merely because I want to. Actually, I really don't have a commendable reason. I don't need praises anyway. I just want to. You know, avoid getting bored and saving trees. Lol. Here I am again.

I don't have much to talk about today. Maybe I'll just edit this tonight. Nothing much to tell, eh? Ciao for now. :D I still need to review my notes.

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