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Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine so why wont you fly with me?
Monday, November 9, 2009,7:24 PM
The sun would never, never find us. :)

Rawr. I hate today's story in ELA. Darn. Why did it have to be that? Sir even called me to answer that question. Of course, I have to answer it. Grr. Sakit, grabe. That made it. I recited all the while. I'm already hurt. Why avoid it pa? Next topic na nga. Tss.

Filipino erased all of those *whatever* moments. >:) The story was funny, really. To the bones! I forgot what the food was called but it made me crave for another paksiw though I'm not fond of it. :)) Geez, it was real fun. Niel is outstanding on it. If only you got to see his face. Too bad we're not reading Ibong Adarna anymore. I'm starting to miss the story. SPOILER AHEAD; Don Juan is just like any other boys. I hate to say this but he was a pervert on one of the aralin. Teacher says that we should read it before reacting. Lol. I just hope he's not. Naughty.

No one is as lucky as us. x3 Lovelove, Paramore! Yow. I'm just a super fan. Pain is just a simple compromise. Is it true? I hope so. This pain is excruciating. Gaarrr. Next time you point a finger, I'll point you to the mirror. Hahaha. Madali lang naman ako patawanin eh. Lol. Masaya nako ulit. Oh, you don't have to believe me.

She cried daw. I wish it's not true. If she did, then she's not getting any better. She's just getting worse. Omo. Good thing I wasn't there. I'm sure I couldn't stand a second of a stare on her. Also because, the reason why she's crying is just somewhere near her. :/ Aww. I'll pray for you. That's the least thing I could do since I could do none to ease her pain. Y'know.

Next topic. Hmn. Pain. Haha. Nope. Next topic na. Swear. The only problem I've got is SCHOOL and HOME. That's it. Period. :D

I enjoyed teasing Hanna's brother, Jeremy. He started it. :)) Katuwa e. Psh, he thought he's the only one who could do it, huh? Kidding. Naw, I'm not being bitter to him or something. I just thought of teasing him. I hope it doesn't happen again.

Maan and I found a new thing to do. Just for fun. =)) We danced. Well, obviously, wala namang masama dun. And we danced. Ang laughed. Secretkonayunkungbakit. xP Nawp, nothing green, huh? No trips or tumblings either. We just laughed. I'll give a hint. ^^ It's a dance only few of us could do. You'll have to have a "malambot na katawan". Yeah. That's it.

Sir Robert's discussion was the best! Mehn, he's good at it. \m/ Btw, I just chatted with Rani. I miss her so much. "bruha". Well, nothing changed. :D

Tumblr is addicting. c: Lemme share. Kyooot kase eh. Make one now! Oh, please follow me too. Puntakadito. That's all. Haha. Plug ko lang. Kaadeek.

The practice today was secret. Hahaha. Abby's absent. Hope she gets well soon.

I still need to do some schoolworks. I'll grab a pillow and hit the sack! :-h
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