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Reaction Paper.
Wednesday, July 29, 2009,8:41 PM
Call me crazy, I don't care. It's right anyway. :))

This day revolves a very boring topic. REACTION PAPER. Dammit! They really want to beat us dead with all the assignments flooding at the same time. How good of them. (Just kiddin'! I'm actually exaggerating.) Okay, so aside from those things to do, I still make sure to have a time to write down here. This is just my second post! I have more posts to do. Lol.

Hmn, what about today? I just bumped with someone in the lockers this morning. Not that we really bumped. But I'm just inches away from him... and he's not even opening a locker. What is he doing there? He just stands... and I pretend to be unobservant. But I can't help but feel self-conscious! Arrrg. So he succeeded. For how many times now?! Good for him, whoever he is.

I'm so sorry I'm not naming him. =)) Okay, to be more nice, let's call him NiPS. (Un kasi kinakain ko e. Hahaha.) So, he's NiPS, okay?! ^^

Nips has been capturing my attention these days. I don't know. Whenever I see him in the corridor, I just can't help but look at him. Oh, I'm really breaking all the rules now! But it's the truth and there's no way that I can avoid it. Is there?!

Can I move to another topic now? It troubles me talking about those things. Okay, so I'm currently doing my assignment in Math and I'm planning to use a calculator 'coz I'm starting to get sleepy. Should I? NO! I musn't! :D

Oh, I give up. I'm gonna crash right now. Until here muna. Good night everyone!

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