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Sunday, January 3, 2010,7:08 PM
Someday, it's gonna make sense.

Let go. :-h

Good evening people. Haven't blogged yesterday. Sorry. I was busy with The Wedding. Hey, I mean the book, huh? :)) Anyway, it was amazing! Really. I recommend that book to all of you. It was kind of boring from the start, Cause I wasn't intrigued about it. All I knew was the relationship of the man and his wife was getting worse over time. It's like they've lost their feelings for each other. Then, their eldest child told them that she wants to get married in the next week, on such a short notice. So that's it. I might be a spoiler again. You wouldn't expect the ending, or I guess, some would. It was just sooooo sweet. :")

After reading, I texted my friends again. That was when I was watching PBB. Rica was evicted, poor thing. She should've stayed longer so that she could do more. Tsk. As Bianca was saying in PBB Uplate, we shouldn't be at ease at these times because anything could happen. Yan tuloy, she got evicted. Sayang.

That's all I've gotta say for last night. XD Stayed up until 1:00. :P

I forgot the time I woke up. But all I knew, I was asking our yaya to mop the floors again cause it's sticky. And then, I cleaned my room and fixed my things. After that, I watched TV for minutes then had a hot oil treatment for my fugly hair. It felt good. :) Then, I went for a bath. Afterwards, I watched again. ;) And here I am, surfing the net again before I get back to reality. I mean, school days are resuming tomorrow and I still don't want to go back. I think I'll be pretty preoccupied tomorrow. I'm still not done with the Christmas vacation. :|

I just downloaded JL's Louboutins. Hey, try readin' that. x)) Okay, okay. That's supposed to be read as luu-bee-tons. Anyway, that's a surname of a French shoe designer, Christian Louboutin. It's a nice song. It's about a girl who reached the point in her relationship when she thinks she should stop it and move on. But instead of dressing up, sobbing and heading to her friends for support, the girl would put on her hottest dress and sexiest pair of Louboutin shoes and there she goes, flauntin' her body. >:)

What else? I think I should've gone to Naic na lang. I would have a lot of money sana. I could buy two books from that one din. What a waste. Tss. Or maybe, I could buy a shirt from that money. Arrrg. I should've gone there na lang. They're all askin' for me there. :o I miss the people there.

I still don't want to go to school!! Yeah, I know, I've said this one. But I want to repeat it. :/ Screw schooooool! I miss my classmates but not the lessons. And I'm sure the teachers would start to discuss tomorrow. Maybe they would be in a rush because of the upcoming Palaro. I'm not sure if our Palaro is still fun. They removed Track and Field na eh. :( darn. What else am I gonna play? God knows I'm not good in Volleyball. Yet, I was chosen. x_x Kahihiyan na naman to. Hahaha.

Here's a photo of me and my brother while he's playing with his toy cars who are probably destroyed now. :D I love you, brother. :*

I couldn't add more. Good night everyone. Thanks fer reading.

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