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Friday, September 25, 2009,10:09 PM
TGIF! Thank God I'm Filipino. Kewl! \m/ I saw that in some Ftalker's siggy. That's really a 'Thank God it's Friday' because I'm really tired. Lol.

Still need to go to school tomorrow. Practice for the play, dance club. Rawr. Hectic sched? Haha. That's pretty normal. I'm used to it. I'll be on school the whole day. :P

Hmn, what happened today? Tayong Dalawa's ending was great. Ingrid really is crazy. Poor Ramon, loosing his eyesight. Well, Enchong's so handsome with those glasses. Though he's David Anthony Garcia Sr. and he's with his mother, Rosanna Roces which played Mr. Garcia Sr.'s first wife... amp. It's pretty complicated. Will they go for another sequel of it? Hmm. We'll know afterwards.

I've just added songs to my psp. Share! Hey, Hershey! Thanks for the compliment again. Laabsyoo. *As a friend* :))

I have finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Whew, one week! Love it. The ending was so great. 'Voldy's gone moldy' roflmao. =)))

My grandmother in my mother's side is here today. She and my other grandma, brother and aunt will go to a wedding of our relative tomorrow. She told me that our relatives there are dying to see me. Unfortunately, I can't 'coz we have a practice for the play. Aww. I miss them so much! I want to see them too. I really hope I could.

Hmn, what else? I'm running out of words already. Oh, maybe I have to go. Goodnight everyone. So tired, I'm sorry for this short post.

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