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Today was a fairytale.
Sunday, February 14, 2010,9:58 AM
Happy Valentines Day!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Today held two significant days in the calendar, Valentines Day and Chinese New Year. I wish we had tikoys here at home. I would really love one. :D Good thing, we have chocolates here at home. And like my usual habit during Valentines, I treat myself. I buy myself chocolates, roses and stuff. In that way, I receive sweet things. :))

So I'm gonna tell you what happened yesterday. ^^ Right?

Saturday; February 13, 2010. Farewell?
They said we have a meeting in Dance Club this Saturday, so I attended. For attendance's sake, mehn. I wasn't really going to make something fruitful out of this meeting, but then... I regretted thinking that way.

Sir told us what some of the teachers told him after or maybe during our performance. I guess they didn't appreciate it, after all. Then, he told us about the result of this year's performances as a whole. He didn't just mention the positive remarks but even the negative ones. He told us those things frankly. He even told us he might not be the one to handle the members of the Dance Club next year. He also informed us that if we still want to join next year, we need to audition, which is kind of a burden to us. But I really want this club so see you in the audition days next school year!

He grouped us into two and asked us to prepare a dance without a music, but consists of 4 64-seconds steps. We weren't able to finish those but we were able to come up with a dance. Sir kept taking pictures and videos of us... I don't know what that means from the start. When we performed, he took a video of us. He even took a video of Kuya Rosh and Jemai's showdown. So yeah, that's saying something.

The losers are supposed to treat the winners an ice cream cone. And since we lost, we're supposed to pay for it. But sir asked us to get ice creams for ourselves and he payed for them. Then we took pictures and he was teary-eyed for some times. I really think he's going to leave us permanently. T. Beth was even there watching - which is very unusual for her to do. That might even be her first time. Awww. I'm gonna miss Sir Ryan very much.

After the Dance Club, we went to McDo. I bought myself a McFlurry. I was with Yen, Ate Rollyn and Kuya Rosh. We goofed around a lot. I think we're the noisiest table there. Take note, we're only four. =))) Yen showed me how to play Patapon, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to get it. *wallbash*

So yeah, after consuming our order, we left for RFC. Ate Rollyn's dying to go there. We saw where the Badminton varsities were going when they're gonna train. Then we went home. Ate Rollyn told me that was a date, of four. x)))

Congratulations to Melai, Paul Jake and Jason, my bets. Of course you know who won in them right? Melai -BIG Winner, PJ - 2nd BIG Placer, Jason - 3rd BIG Placer. Sadly, I wasn't able to watch the Big Night. They were like postponing the announcement kasi. The commercials are too long and they've spent too much time. It's already late at night and I can't stay awake any longer. And so, no matter how reluctant I am, I slept.

Sunday; February 14, 2010. Love love love!

I wasn't expecting that I would be so happy today. I had a nice sleep and I woke up happily. I watched some cartoons with my brother and heard mass. He still wasn't texting me, but I saw something in Facebook. *nuff said*

I was eating too much chocolates today. Well, I bought them on my own as a treat for myself. This is my habit every vday. So yeah, I still wish we have tikoy here at home.

I played some chords on the guitar for my mom again, as she requested. I sang while playing, cause that's her request too. She appreciated it, and that was enough. :) I'm glad she did. She inspired me to learn more songs.

I did my Project in Health today. I just have to print it and paste it on a scrapbook then it's done. I'm currently doing this reaction papers in different subjects and a broschure for ELA. So wish me luck from them. I wish I won't go nuts. =)))

Good afternoon. And goodnight, later. :-h Thanks fer reading!

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