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'Cause L-O-V-E's not with this was.
Sunday, January 17, 2010,6:51 PM
Don't take it personally cause we were never in love.

Watched the music vid of Starstrukk again. I'm just so hooked up. x)) Well, that's life. Who cares if I watch this again and again and again? Oh, well, better get on with what happened today. I shouldn't keep you waiting. ;)

So let me give you a breakdown of the events today. It isn't much of a production, but it's still a great day for me. And the very reason is, I just finished reading Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of A Shopaholic. And it was the BEST! Really. Better than Twenties Girl. But I like both books. Sophie's so good at this. I feel like reading her other books - primarily the sequels of Confessions of A Shopaholic. Books like Shopaholic takes Manhattan, Shopaholic Ties The Knot, Shopaholic and Sister, Shopaholic and Baby. I'm not really sure if they're a sequel to the first one but I hope they are. I just want to see what happens to Becky and Luke. They're such a funny couple. :'>

This is supposed to be about my day isn't it? HAHAHA. So here it goes. Happy Fiesta everyone! I woke up and read the book, - you know what for sure - took a bath, got dressed and went to SM to widraw. I went there with my cousin. We also went to Ridge Crest to see if the house of her girlfriend's being started but unfortunately, not yet. So we went back home to fetch my gramma and helper and we went straight to my Aunt's house. We're going to eat there. :D

So I snatched some XO Caramel Candies from the jar on the table and consumed them before lunch. I was still reading the book and I have no immediate plans to stop yet at that time. I was so engrossed with the events and I was so absorbed by the story. It was really awesome! I know exactly how Becky feels.

We ate Menudo and I placed a lot of rice in my plate. x_x I'm getting fatter and fatter. Well, I just weighed myself to found out I alread y weigh 40 kilos. I was like, "Is this scale broken?" It's just fckin' impossible for me to weigh this much. Last time I weighed myself to that fuggin' scale, I was only 27 kilos, for crying out loud! Yeah. How could I throw up that weight in Christmas vacation? No wonder why I feel heavy. Well, that's my plan isn't it? HAHAHA.

I read more of the book then had Palabok, Puto, - from Goldilocks; love love! :x - and Buko Salad. That's when I felt I'm really full I might throw up. They were telling me to eat more and putting all those you're-never-gonna-eat-again-so-eat-all-these food. I had no choice but to eat them all up instead. So after trying to put all those stuffs in my stomach - oh, poor stomach of mine - I felt like throwing up. Good thing my tummy has no mouth. If it has, it'll be screamin' at the top of it's lungs, "I'M FUUUUULLLL!" XD The very thought of it makes me laugh.

We went to Jourdese's house yesterday. We had sooo much fun. Lemme share you this photo of me and Lala, Jourdese's youngest sister.

She looks sooo adorable, isn't she? I feel like huggin' her right at this moment. I wanna come back to Jourdese's home!!! =p~

God bless again to Abby, Paul, Ate Wendy, Kuya Max and all the other participants of Mr & Ms. Palaro 2010. Break a leg, guys! ;]

Oh, good night folks. I still have to send an e-mail to Dad about the movies and Kathrine for that bloody IP. Thanks fer reading. :-h

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