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Brownout Days Part 1
Tuesday, April 6, 2010,9:00 PM
Good evening blog. I was using the computer and currently reading stuffs about Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy when... the power went out. Yeah, it was very irritating. It's too hot, I've got nothing to do. Why do they have to cut the power at this time? :o I mean, it's noontime afterall. 1:00pm something. It's definitely HOT.

I just went to the garage and it's kinda windy. Just a bit. When the power was back, I watched Avatar and 2012. Yeah, I know it's a bit late but it's okay. The movies were great. Avatar was awesome and the story plot was good. The effects were splendid and the fight scenes were awesome. :) I swear. Pandora sure is a great place to live in. If you're a Na'vi. Because humans couldn't breathe there, I guess. You will need a special equipment in order to do so.

I've already watched 2012 actually. In my cousin's house. But the problem is, we're to noisy and moving around. We kept getting food, we talk and we laugh. That's the reason why I didn't fully understand the story. We reacted on stuffs that are really scary. The water, the explosions, even the time when the places were sucked by the earth. Yeah, I mean, they're all going down. Literally. :| I just hope that doesn't happen to us. And I'll be one of the persons that could go in the Ark.

Anyway, the effects were great too. They really seemed real. It would've been more awesome when it's 3D. :))) It would be like you're standing in the place where it's happening and you can see the water approaching your place face-to-face. I remember seeing T. Johna and his husband about to watch 2012 in SM Molino when Mariel and I just finished watching New Moon. :D

Then I checked again my sites in the computer and went off. I was soooooo sleepy. I rarely had a long sleep because of the movies I watch and I really need to doze off that time. By the time I reached my bed, I instantly fell to sleep.

That's the end of today. Thanks for reading. ;)

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