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Oh star, fall down on me.
Tuesday, December 8, 2009,7:19 PM
I was living in a fantasy. Waiting for somebody to rescue me.

He was my fairytale fantasy.
He was my dream.
I wish I just never woke up.
'Coz he wasn't for real.

I found a way to light the dark. It was always here inside my heart. <3 Wala lang. Okay, so I'm back to loving him again. Ang gulo ko noh? Whatever. I, myself, becomes confused of my feelings. I really don't have a special someone or something. It just pops out. XD Had fun playing with the PING PONG ball. :D I let it bounce for a couple of times with the racket - or whatever you call it - just to be able to control the ball. Yeeee! Natuwa naman ako dun. He could do a hundred of those pala. Even the forehand. Garrrr. That one's hard, eh? Okay, so I'm really back. :)) But, seriously, I really want to learn how to play table tennis na. Not because he used to play it but because I just want to. Masama ba? Yes, ang sungit ko. x)) Peace y'all. Yeah, I wanna learn how. I'm gonna ask Kat J. to teach me tomorrow. I hope she'll help me. :D

A miracle starts whenever you dream. Your song will hold the key. c: --> That one's too inspirational, huh? Parang Barbie lang eh. :] Yeah, that was from Barbie and the Diamond Castle. I just downloaded it this night. Not that fond of the story, actually. I just love the songs. I also like the Two Voices, One Song one. It was the best for me. Even the scene itself.

Had fun listening to Aldwin's impromptu stories. His director *slash* the one who gives the topic was Jed, by the way. So yeah, he made a story with us in it inspired by Blues Clues, Dora the Explorer, Three Little Pigs, Daedalus and Icarus, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Little Red Riding Hood, and more. Ang galing niya nga mag-gawagawaan eh. Talented!

This circle never ends. And it's time you jsut face it. Don't pretend that it's over. Yes. That one's a Paramore song. Love that one. But I love My Heart more pa rin. Even though matagal na siya. The song's still the best for me. I'm so excited for their concert in Manila. I really want a ticket to their concert!!! WAAAANTT! Santa, please, give me one. I've been good this year naman eh. *puppydogeyes*

Excited for the class picture. Not because of the photographer, huh? Screw that! Honestly, I don't find him appealing. Or even handsome. ^^ Sorry. Anyway, they think he is. So what? May -ano- na naman ako eh. ;D Wala lang. HAHAHA. Super funny. Whatever. Okay, back to the topic. I'm so excited for the wacky shot pala. We're wearing a different tee that time na eh. I wonder what our posing will be... *thinkinghard* 8-| I hope it'll be funny or just DALTON. :x

Sneakers is lurveeeee. <333333 The chocolate one, huh? Baka naman yung sapatos yung iniisip mo. How could I eat that? =)) Anyway, been eating it since I reached home. Chocolates is girl's newest best friend - next to diamonds. ;)

Quote of the Day:
It has to get ugly before it gets pretty! :D

Charm. :*

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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