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Can't pretend that I don't notice.
Friday, December 11, 2009,7:15 PM
Fear is the enemy. And you're scared of it.

Good evening. Chatted with him. Whatever. We didn't talk that much. Or that long either. He just went online, sent an IM saying, Hello. And I answered, Hi. Then he asked, How are you? And I replied, Fine. You? He replied, Same. Then I told him about my classmate who knows him. Then that's it. Dmn. I should've told him not to leave that early. I still wanted to talk to him. :))

Anyway, today was fun. Really. Some kind of gross, in a way. Lemme tell you about it. :D

Cause the girl that you want, she was tearing us apart. Cause she's everything, everything I'm not. That was just a song, huh? Anyway, Math was okay. The quiz was okay too. Had a passing score. Thank God! ^^ Aldwin kept on insisting that I don't appreciate his gift in the kriskringle. And I kept assuring him that I did appreciate them. Really. I was serious on that one. I love the bracelet he gave me. Even the cellphone accessory. He's pretty pessimistic kasi. Even before.

Recess was slow. Grr. But we were late in Health. XD Anyway, we were asked to get admission slips for tardiness. Yeah. But... whatever. Drop that topic. Filipino was so fun. Again. Slight? Haahaha. Yesterday's much more fun. Lunch was okay. I stayed in the classroom. Hehehe. Then, yeah. That's it. Science was whoa! We didn't do anything academic. Yeaaaah. That's the good part. :) Just goofed around the whole Science time.

ELA was okay. Jut copied a lecture about Greek mythology words adapted by our generation. That's pretty much of it. Kidded Sarmie, by the way. Hahaha. When I transfered in the middle of her and Kyle, she asked me, Why are you here? Then I said, Ah, so you're rejecting me? She replied, No. I'm not -. But I cut her off saying, Who said I can't sit here? You?! Then we exchanged more lines. =)) She was taking it seriously and I can't help but laugh at her expression. So I did. And she understood that it was all a joke. :]

CLVE was fine. Got scolded by T. Malou pala. All of us. Well, that's it. Checked some test papers of grade six students. Naaliw ako. I even told teacher, Teacher, do you have more papers there? I'm enjoying these thing. And that's it. ;] Hahaha. AP was pressuring. Tried to keep my recitation higher than Abby. Hahaha. Abby, peace out! Yeah. 'Coz that's the only part where I could excel because the took the others. So, yun lang naman.

Dismissal was yum. Drank buko juice while my thoughts are away. I'm so absorbed with my thoughts that I wasn't talking to anyone, which is strange. But I don't think they saw that because my companions were too absorbed with their thoughts too.

Service time. Now this is the part. :/ I'm telling ya. This is the gross part. At first, we were fine. We were asking Aldwin to tell us a story. Then as he was talking about something with a 'Starbucks' word in it, Ate Djoanna teased him saying, Come again? Did you just say 'Starbush'? Is there such word? Then Aldwin got a bit offended so he told us he wont continue to story anymore. Then, we tried to convince him that he should continue. He said, Okay, I will. Just give me water first. Then I gave him my jug. But Grazielle interrupted saying, Wait! Me first! Then she drank from it. Aldwin ticked her and water came splashing all over. She hit Jed and Ate Djo in their faces, straight. That started the gross part. =)))

Then, she tried to persuade Aldwin from continuing his story by spilling some water from her mouth on him. Yeah. That's it. Haha. We all laughed. Kasi naman eh. It was funny. But gross too. Then, Aldwin wanted revenge so he tried to steal my jug from Grazielle. I was laughing at that part too. Then, he got it and he was about to gulp another one after an unsuccessful first but Ate Anne stopped him. Good thing. I don't want to get wet with saliva... No way. So yeah, that's all. Hahaha.

Here's a long quote for the day. ;)

Quote of the Day:
We fail to be happy 'coz we're not satisfied with what we have. So here's a few satisfaction guidelines:
1. Do not hold on to something that would never be yours.
2. Do not fight for someone not worth fighting for.
3. Do not cry for something lost, gone and inevitable.
4. Appreciate what you have and be thankful for whatever things people give you.

Happiness is a mere construction of the mind. Everyone can be happy as long as they really want to.

Good night everyone! :-h Thanks fer reading.

Charm. >:D<

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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