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Sunday, May 9, 2010,10:54 PM
I woke up and told myself we should go to church. But church masses are over. And it's late morning already. Bummer. :| I greeted my grandma Happy Mother's Day then called my mom. She was still asleep and I kind of woke her up. Me and CJ greeted her both and said goodbye. I know she's tired and the longer I talk to her, the more she wakes up. She might not be able to sleep again. Then I called my grandmother in Isabela, Inno. I greeted her and asked her how're things and everything there.

To all the mothers out there, I want to greet you a HAPPY MOTHER's DAY. Thank you for all the love, care, appreciation, affection and support you have given your children. Thank you for always being their for your children whenever they need you. :)

Mom, Happy Mother's Day again. How many times have I greeted you? :))) I just really want to thank you for everything, I mean everything, really, you've done to me. All the sacrifices and stuff. I know being away from me and my brother is hard for both of you primarily because you're not here to see us grow up and to guide us as we grow up. But regardless, we are still thankful. Thank you for being lovable, caring, supportive and for always being there for me whenever I need you. Especially when it comes to clothes to wear. :D Whenever I need you, you're just a call away. And sorry for all the things I've done that hurt you. Sorry for being so hard-headed everytime. I know you hate it when I'm so stubborn but you still deal with me anyway. And sorry for disobeying you at times. I really hope you enjoy your day and God bless always. I love you mom. No matter what happens, I will still do. :*

So my brother accidentally played a HSM3 song in my iTunes while I was getting something to eat from the fridge when I woke up. Maybe he just clicked it accidentally and started dancing. Well the song was, A Night To Remember. Then I decided to listen to all of them instead.

Until now, the song Can I Have This Dance still has an effect on me. Like, I really feel in love whenever I hear it. So yeah. :)) So I thought of watching that particular part in YouTube. I even watched the I Want It All part. Ashley is really awesome. And whenever it's her part/song, it's always grand and fabulous. If I compare all of her numbers, I still like the part when she sang Fabulous in their country club for HSM2. XD

So anyway, enough with the HSM talk. I know a lot of people hate it but I don't. I just love the songs even if the story is a bit predictable. Deal with it. I'm not a big fan anyway. :))

In exactly just one hour, he'll be celebrating his fifteenth bithday and the Filipinos 18 and above will vote the candidates they think will be bringing the change we've all been wanting and wishing for a long time. I saw this in Plurk and the credits all go to the person who plurked it. It said, "Vote WISELY. Ilang taon na yang tumaktakbo hindi pa rin nananalo." I agree. Kasi kung nanalo na si Wisely, panigurado hindi tayo 1st/2nd sa mga corrupt contries in the world at nababawasan na ang mga mahihirap at nag-aabroad dahil sa kawalan ng trabaho. Okay, so Taglish na yung post ko. Lol.

Enough with the election talk. I, myself, get tired of talking and hearing all about candidates wherever I go. I always here a campain song for a candidate even at home. So I am really tired of it. But of course, people need to think it over for a lot of times because of course, their decisions, I mean votes, would change our country. Either positively, or negatively. Only God knows.

Hmm. What else? I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakquel today. It was very cuuuuuute! It kind of drove me away from all the pressure here inside the house. That's what I like with animated films and cartoons. I know I will never be too old for them. I guess no matter how old I am, I would always find myself watching them. They don't just entertain and make the viewers - either kids or adults - laugh. They also teach us lessons.

My cousins, aunts and uncles came over to our house today. We don't have a party or something. They just visited us. :) So the first ones to come were Tito Romy, Tita Tina, Kuya Romeo and Kuya Ches. They brought us fruits from Tagaytay. And they're sooooooo delicious! It's obviously because they're from Tagaytay and we all know the climate is cold there and it's good for fruits. :D So yeah, they would really be delicious.

We had a few chitchats and ate some of the fruits. They brought pineapple and jackfruit. And we also ate the watermelon from the fridge. We weren't able to consume it all yesterday. Then they left and that's it.

A few more hours after that, Tito Rolly, Tita Cora and Ate Abbie came. They rode on the newly-bought jeepney of Ate Abbie and Kuya Jeff. Then Ate Marissa, Kuya Russel and Sean came too. So we just talked and talked and talked. We also laughed a lot. Well, my brother and Sean's kiddie fight for a chair was funny. It wasn't just that. We laughed on a lot of things. :))) You know, they're all just fun-to-be-with.

I saw and talked to Ate Djoanna too. I think she's going back to Baclaran or something. She kind of joked me with her questions. She was asking me when is his birthday. Like she doesn't even know it! :DD She even asked me about IT. Well, it's a secret that I choose not to tell. ;)

Okay, I'm kind of sleepy already. Lol. So since I'm not voting and I still couldn't help with the voting process cause I'm underage, all I could do is to tell everyone to weigh their options not by who is the most famous but with who they think could do something, change something and develop our country to a better one. The one who proved his/her propaganda and did something that really helped our country. The one you're sure could handle the responsibility for the position they're running at. In short, VOTE WISELY. And this time, let it win.

Good night everyone! :-h

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