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I wanna feel weightless and that should be enough.
Tuesday, September 29, 2009,10:37 PM
I wanna feel reckless. Wanna live it up. ^_^

Today was downright hilarious. roflmao. I never stopped laughing. Yeah, another hyperbole. Well, being with them (I refer to my classmates) just really freaks out my laughing soul. They're all fun-to-be-with. \m/

Even T. Johna is laughing with us. Lol. When it comes to those 'kalokohans' we, Daltonists, are really good at them.

Wanna join the Anti-Tarpaulin Movement? Oh, just kiddin. I just don't agree but that's not in the point that I hate those who like 'em. I'm not that kind of person, you know! Hahaha. Well, let's just save money instead of being lazy. We need to recycle, as T. Me-an says. If we use tarpaulins, we would need so much money. We have a lot of backgrounds and I don't think our budget will make it to even one. I mean, we have so many to pay for. We could make a background ourselves and save money. Who knows, we might have a minus for using tarpaulins... But the decision's still up to you. See more sense guys, hear the other's side.

Our practice for the dance was so great! That's my most favorite part of all. Go Abby. Ice lang yan. Haha. Chillax, Kat J! Yeah. Have no idea of what I'm saying? Oh, forget it. We're the only ones who could get this one, any way.

Hmn. Gotta sleep. I'll attend tomorrow's practice again. More pictures and fun moments to come. Ily Dalton! Parteyy. Kat J's house tomorrow. Kidding! XD Yeah, to those who'll come, see you there. (wave)

I'm so tired. But it was so fun. I'm trying to work out how Sr. Reymer did the Cavalier Oblique Drawing and the Cabinet Oblique Drawing. Kewl, I can't get it till now. I'm self-studying but I'm no good at it. Poor me.

Paolo Coelho's mentioned in 24 Oras today. He, together with some Hollywood stars are making tweets in Twitter for people to help Filipinos who are affected by Typhoon Ondoy. Well, they're all cleaning up there, especially in Cainta. But some homeless families still needs help.

Yeah, so I'm sleepy. Gtg. Bye guys!

And this could be everything, I don't wanna dream anymore,
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