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Friday, March 26, 2010,6:58 PM
FAREWELL PARTY was fun. It doesn't have the sad aura some classes of mine before had. I didn't cry. Oh I really wouldn't. With my classmates telling jokes here and there, it was really fun. And we still have a few years together before we all go our separate ways so there's no need to cry yet. I mean, not now.

Drifting to a lighter topic, I had a slice of pizza, some leche flan made by Maan's mother, tiramisu courtesy of Abby and some soft drinks. That made me full already. Whenever I eat pizza, I always felt full after munching just a slice. Especially when it's from Pizza Cab, I don't know what's in it that really makes me full. :-bd But I really like their pizza from the others.

We played some games, and my most favorite one was the Isubo Mo Ang Saging Ko. =))))) It made me laugh very hard. I played one game, btw. Paper Dance. Lol. Common, wasn't it? And after that, they gave the minor and major awards. We had no intermission numbers so we just proceeded with them. ;D

After the party, we walked instead of riding a trike upto 7eleven. Lol. My feet hurt, but I know I could do it. I'm wearing a pair of sandals while they are wearing sneakers. I had a hard time of course, but I made it. :)) And there were some men dressed as construction workers, maybe they're one of the men doing something near the municipal hall of Bacoor. They asked us if were from DLA. His exact words were "Taga Divine Lights kayo?" I said, "Opo." "Anong year?" I replied, "First year po." Then they got scared and we ran as fast as we could to get rid of them. We got scared you know. =)))) And we were like laughing but scared at the same time because we just walked away like that improperly. HAHAHA. I could never forget that.

Then we were supposed to ride a trike that would bring us to Phase 11. That's where Maan's house is located. Hmmm. But as we approach a tricycle, someone's asleep inside it. A woman asked us, "Sasakay kayo?" And we nodded and said yes. She pointed to a red tricycle, saying "Doon kayo sumakay." And flashed us a smile. We laughed at our carelessness. :))))) Yeah, I kinda enjoyed that part. And another thing. I thought I saw an old batchmate riding a jeep. But nevermind, he might not be that person.

When we reached Maan's home, her mother was still cleaning their house. Maan was doing some errands while we're waiting for her in their living room. After that, we proceeded with the movie, Coming Soon. It was scary, I'm telling you. And I'm very proud to have survived it. I wasn't hiding behind a throwpillow THAT much anymore. I did scream and yeah. HAHA. It was really scary. Anyway, I'm improving. I hope I could watch more scary movies with my friends. I always have fun.

After that scary movie, we watched God of Study. Omo, headset and Dadie's hubby were soooooooooooooooooooo handsome. I mean it. Maan kept pausing at the right positions of her fictional boyfriend, headset. That's what we call him. He was always wearing a headset that looks like a skullcandy. :) They're cute. Anyway, Kathrine said, "Ang bilis ng kamay ni Maan pagdating kay headset eh." The stalker was sooooooo beautiful but unfortunately the love interest of both headset and Dadie's hubby was an ugly girl. All of us were intimidated at her.

Anyway, before I say something under-the-belt towards that girl, Let's change the topic. We enjoyed watching episodes 1, 2, and 5. Too bad episode 3 was not working. :( While watching, we had rounds of more leche flan and we even had some squidballs - but Maan told us before they were cooked that they're fishballs. Oh yeah. She asked us when we're eating, "Jourdese o Mirro?" - Then his father bought RC for us to drink and that's it. Maan asked if I could interpret a music video of Enigma. I don't know if my spelling is right. I wasn't able to interpret it and I wasn't able to watch it fully. We had to ask Maan's mother her permission to allow Maan to go to our swimming tomorrow. Now it's me that needs to be helped. I need to convince my mother to allow me tomorrow. :( She didn't allow me in Water Camp but we moved the location to Paradiso Terrestre. I hope she'll allow me this time. I really hope so.

That's it for tonight. I told my dad everything I had to tell him and he is to pass them to my mom since she's on her work. They're helding Airsoft in the seas of Abu Dhabi. I don't know where exactly but that's why she had her shift earlier. I was expecting that I could talk to her today and ask their permission together, but I guess my dad has to do the job. My dad knows how much I want to go and I hope he could convince my mom. All I could do now is to pray that she'll call and they'll be talking about it. I'll just be waiting for their reply.


Thanks for reading my post/s. Good night folks!

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