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Now that you're living with the vampires...
Sunday, March 21, 2010,8:28 PM
You better get yourself a gun.

Good evening Blog. :)

Today wasn't that good. And yes, tonight isn't that good either. Hmmm. BV.

I woke up late so we heard mass at 5:30pm. My brother is so naughty inside the church to the point that it was so embarassing. I really think he shouldn't attend masses muna. He needs to keep quiet. And he doesn't listen to any of us. He just keeps on doing naughty things. :|

Anyway, I watched Harry Potter 1-4 lately. I still can't get over it even now. I've watched it for the third time, I guess, but I still love Harry Potter. But I love the books more!!! ♥ I also watched Little Mermaid II out of curiosity. It wasn't a bad movie, I tell ya. ;)

What else for today? Oh yeah. After mass, we went to Joe Kuan and ordered siomai. Oh, god I've missed the siomai in school. Much more delicious than any siomai I have ate the past few weeks. :/ After that, I went online and saw something in FB. Fck.

This is the start of the hell thing. Well, this old manliligaw - I really hate calling him this. He's such a pervert. Good thing he hasn't done anything to me before. Or else... I'll rip his head out of him. - So he said he's in love with me again. Like I'm going to believe him! He's probably just making fun of me. And for crying out loud, he's not in school anymore. He got expelled, and at that time when it was his last day in school, we said good bye to him and he seemed good. Maybe he dreads the idea of leaving DLA. But, I shouldn't have really thought of him as good that time. Cause now, he's in his silly games again. Darn it. Why does it have to be me, of all persons?! He was saying stuffs like, "I saw your pictures in Facebook and your the prettiest girl..." I forgot the other parts. :| O_O Like I'm gonna believe those. But I made it clear that I can't return the same feelings for him and he shouldn't expect anything from me. I don't want him telling other people I made him fall for me which is really wrong. I never wished for him to fall for me ever! :| Super BV. x_x

Oh and guess what. He was like, "Lagi naman akong basted eh. Hehe/Haha." Was it HEHE or HAHA? Well, I don't care anymore. Sht. Paawa effect ang loko loko. HAHAHA. He think I would give in to that one? I said nothing in reply anymore. Fck. I would avoid him na lang. I've warned him na naman eh. To talk to him would mean something. And I'm not comfortable talking to him too. Never was I comfortable.

Okay, maybe that's the end of this piece of sheet. :)) Good night people. Have sweet dreams.

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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