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Peace and Togetherness.
Thursday, August 6, 2009,7:21 PM
Former President Corazon Aquino's funeral march brought déjà vu to the Filipinos who gathered for freedom in EDSA 1 before. According to the news I watched lately, there are about 300, 000 people who marched their way in eight straight hours just to have a glance at the president's coffin. I also remember Kris Aquino's farewell words to Tita Cory before they went out of the church. It's obvious that she isn't ready yet to let go of her mother and that they all lied just to let her rest. Winding up, I give my heartful condolences to everyone Pres. Aquino has left.

I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince yesterday evening. Well, I could say nothing bad apart from the ending. I've been some kind of emotional on Dumbledore's death. He's such a great man and he doesn't deserve getting killed that way! Get a life, Snape! Don't go killing and tricking innocents who hasn't done anything bad at you. Oh, and by the way, leave the Dark Lord for he will just petrify the goodness in you. (As if I'm talking to someone alive, aren't I?)

My yesterday was entirely occupied by our "sulatin", the late former president Cory's funeral special, Oreo (with double stuffs and chocolate stuffs. Yum!), and texting. Well, not much of a day for me. *sigh* I haven't even enjoyed the rest because of so many assignments.

Today was better... and worse.
I was assigned to be one of the Jasmine. (I play the role of the Jasmine who was hypnotized.) But thank God we found a more appropriate task for me! And me and my classmate, Jed, have agreed that the original character for Jasmine, who was Shiela, will be the one to do that. :) I really don't feel flirting... I really can't. And another thing, I belong more to the musical part of our play. And, yeah, you will see me in those parts. It's fine if I'm just an extra. I don't need a major role. :D

I'm off to do something important. And I also have to finish my yoghurt. So delicious! ^^ Good night everyone!

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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