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First Post.
Tuesday, July 28, 2009,11:20 PM
This is my first post here, but this isn't my first blog so I'm used to this. Hmm... Let me think. I guess this is my 3rd or 4th blog already. I just forgot the passwords on some that's why I can't open them anymore.

So since not everyone is reading my blog, it's better for me to just welcome myself here AGAIN in blogger. Lol. Welcome to me! Yuck, sounds weird. Okay, I really don't know what to put here. It's eleven twenty-five in the evening and I'm starting to feel sleepy from the whole day's work. Maybe I'll come up with a senseful post tomorrow. Since this is my first post, all the things written here are tolerable.

I WARN YOU! I will make this blog my own personal diary. But, of course, if I'm talking about persons, I will make certain codenames when necessary. Sorry! And another thing, when I say "my own personal diary", I really mean it. Lol. With this blog, you'll have a bumpy trip for free inside my head. I wonder how that feels for you.

And please, please, please, if you have reactions or some thing/s to tell me, don't hesitate to leave a comment right there. Okay? It will help me more if I'll have someone to talk to here. Please do leave comments!

What else? I think I have told you all the things you need to be informed of. No, I forgot something. I still need to introduce, right?! Since you're reading my blog, you have to know something about me, right?! So, I will be having a brief description about me.

Hey there! I'm Charlotte M. Briones. I just turned thirteen this July 26. I'm currently residing here in Cavite and a freshmen student in my school. I love the color light blue and I am very talkative. I love to listen to music and surf the internet. I am also a bookworm. I usually read (over and over) the Twilight series and I'm currently reading the Harry Potter series. I'm just about to start reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban tomorrow. That's the third book, right?! I love to take pictures and edit them. So I think that's all you need to know by now. You'll know more about me once you read on my future posts.

I have consumed much of your time already. Maybe you should go now. And I'm really very sleepy already. So, maybe, tomorrow again?! Be back!

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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