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Twenty-four. Ang kyooot noh?
Monday, August 24, 2009,8:34 PM
Okay, another Taglish entry. I love my native language! XD

Eto, obviously, 24 ngaun. What is it with 24 ba na gusto ko? Haaay. Ewan ko. Basta, it's cute. And a lot of things happened today. Annoying, fun, boring, regretful, etc.

Annoying. Secret ko na yun. Mababaw lang naman e. No need for me to tell here. And I don't feel anything - such as asar or inis dun sa taong yun. Wag na lang. :)
Fun. Because I was laughing and coughing... I have this stupid cough that whenever I laugh, it comes after. Grr. Tatawa pa nga lang ako uubo na kagad. Tsk! Sana gumaling na 'ko. Hey, hey, guess what?! Sr. Reymer's class today was sooo fun. I laughed hard on almost all his jokes. Yeah, he had that sense of humor... not that he looks like a clown or something, 'coz he doesn't. He just has the humor on his choice of words. Hahaha.
Boring. I had those senior moments, of course! Times in which I just stared after them unable to distinguish why. My brain hasn't fully went back to normal yet since the exams. Aftershock of thinking so much. I always experience this. But after days, I get back to the usual.
Regretful. Another secret of mine! ;p I'll just pray later so I could open this up. It's my own problem anyway. Clue: Carelessness in my exams.
Etc. I'm just so much of a girl. Moody. I mean the mood swings. I ain't preggy, huh! It's normal to girls like me. In the preggy stage, it intensifies. I think so! x)) I'm not sure though. Getting back, yes, I'm unpredictable... today I'm happy, later I'm sad... today I'm angry, later I'm as good as ever.

What else for today? I still have to finish the WANTED: Blah-blah, Chu-chu tonight. I also have to do a background for our slogan in AP. I just finished copying notes in Science, about the IP and reading some portions left on Harry Potter as well. It's a very busy day and it seems to get us more assignments already. We're back to the usual again.

Good night everyone and thanks for reading. I ain't commenting about my scores. That's a bit private... isn't it? Ciao!

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