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Tickle-me-not. =))
Tuesday, August 25, 2009,10:31 PM
Tickles! :)) Kiddin'.

Maybe it's a new trend in our section (especially to a classmate of mine) to tickle someone. Yeah, I think so. It's so funny to see them giggle, scream and almost dance as they're being tickled. The only negative part on it is when you enjoy it too much and laugh your lungs out... your teacher will eventually get annoyed with you.

I'm going to be a emcee. But where? It is still not clear with me. I might not be able to say the words correctly in front. *Erase. Erase. Erase!* I need to be optimistic to be able to do it! I will be able to deliver the words correctly and the audience will understand whatever it is that I'm saying. I'll practice my lines with my friends so I can lessen the nervousness.

Badminton is love! :D Playing it is soooo much fun. Wohooooo. Yeah, I'm just so happy about it. It's not hard to get a high grade in here. And I'm looking forward to the basketball and volleyball lessons for this quarter.

What else? Oh, I ran out of words again. Maybe this ends my post tonight. Thanks for reading! Good night.

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