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There's so many ways to love you
Sunday, May 2, 2010,10:22 PM
I caught the disease called smallestisis. The smallest font size, the better. :)) Whatever. I just don't know what's enchanting with this font size. And readers could copy and paste this to their word and tweak a little with the font size then they'll be reading this easily. But it's just cute for me.

GOOD EVENING PPL! I am so into this smalletisis disease. I hope it's not contagious. :) So what's up for this day? I forgot to update my May 01 - Labor Day post and I was about to continue making the draft today. But I failed. :( So I just posted this smalletisis thing. Wahaha. I just so love this font size. I hope you don't have any problem with it.
I've got a pimple in my forehead, it's in my scalp actually. :)))) Good thing it's covered with my not-so-long hair. XD OMG this just sounds funny. Don't you think? :P


I'm using ALL CAPS! Yey! -- I was saying that but really I'm like "Yeaaah. I just dunno what to say." Lol. I'm lost for words. All I could think about is Him.Him.Him. Scratch that. ;) Bakamatuwasiyamasyadopagnakitanyato. :)) As if he even reads my blog. I don't even know if he knows I have one. But truth be told, I miss him so much. No need frost it more with sweeter and deeper words. It sounds perfect when it's plain and straightforward. Lovelovelove!

I remember my old URL in friendster tuloy. I guess it's still my URL in my main account. -- lovelovelove26 I'm sure it's something like that or close. But anyway, I'm not active in FS anymore. Maybe I've been inactive for a year already? I just don't find it entertaining anymore. My new fave sites are FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Fspring. Plurk is not my fave anymore too. It's a bit boring there kasi. YUCK. Conyo. :))))

I want to show you something. I had a great time doing this in Scribbler. I'm about to spell it SCRIBBLR. Parang Tumblr lang eh. HAHA.

I think the next disease I'll be catching is the vowelitis. :)) I ain't gonna use vowels with mah words. Guess what kind of language is this.. SLEYNG. Kidding. That should be slang, man. XD Anyway, if you want/love to doodle but don't want to do it on a piece of paper, y'know, save mother earth blablabla, why don't you do it there? Here's the link. Click THIS and THIS. There you go! ;)

Okay. Maybe that's all for today. Tumblr is rea-ly slooooooooow. o_o :|

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