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Sunday, November 8, 2009,7:58 PM
Tumblr's fun. XD

Saw Arron in ASAP this afternoon. He's just so damn hoooot! :") Just stared at him all the while. He had longer appearance there and he even greeted some friends. Lalala. I also got a clipping from a newspaper with him in it. :x He's so handsome in the pic. Gosh, I feel like I'm sinking. :">

Synced my iPod and PSP once more. I even downloaded some pictures and themes for my cellphone today. x3 Found new songs, actually. Hmn, newest LSS? It's Over - Jesse McCartney and Fly With Me - Jo Bros. Though I really don't approve of JB, the song's cute. I just like it.

Oh, I just made a Tumblr account lately. Click this! :) It was fun. Y'know. I can't describe it anymore. Just try making one. Btw, please follow me in Twitter. I'm getting short with followers.

I'm so scared for tomorrow. Oral Comm in Science. I really hope I could pass on with my Science Discovery. And we also have a quiz in that one. x_x I hope I'll do well in it.

Pressure's all over me. The play, assignments, and such. I need a time to relax and chill. Munched a lot of pancakes after eating lunch. What a habit, right? I'm just too hungry these days, must be because of that pressure-filled days. Who wouldn't be pressured for the play, eh? I'm dreaming of that day but I'm also dreading for it to come. I have this somewhat post-feeling of missing the "making" days of something; like a dance, play, or any thing we prepare of when they're finished.

So excited for New Moon! ~:) Well, I'm soooo looking forward to watching it. :D Oh, Happy Birthday Ate Abbie! Though you'll never read this, I'm still greeting you anyway. x))

Read Thalia and Abby's blog before posting. I look up to them to almost everything because they're just good at it. Abby had a pic nearly at the end of her post and it really caught my attention. It said, "You're single, not dead." And it was meant for someone we know. Oh, I just hope she'll get over soon. She's looking too miserable these days. She puts on a big smile but deep inside she's hurt. Yes, she is. I just hope it'll be over. It hurts to see her that way, and afraid that I might look that way too, only that I'm not aware of it. Damn those heartbreaks. Screw them. :(

I'm not following Ate Wednesday's advice anymore, though she really helped me realize something. No matter how many times I say that I don't care, I still do. And I'm just sooo stupid for telling him that I don't want to get over him yet. And now, I changed my mind again. I just don't want to make it hard for us. He's willing to wait for years but what could I guarantee him? What if my feelings change? I don't trust my heart on that anymore. I might end up hurting him and he doesn't deserve that.

Nothing too intriguing or interesting today, huh? This day's a bit boring slash sad, except for the Arron-part of course! :))

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