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Thursday, February 25, 2010,6:13 PM
Draft. :)) I'm tired. Sorry.

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Okaaaay. Today's Sunday, but I'm gonna update my Thursday post. :D

What happened last Thursday? Hmmmm. What I remember the most is the performances of my classmates for the 2nd Practical Test in PE. Good thing I didn't dance that day, I was already finished. But anyway, I'm not talking about my performance, but I'm here to share y'all their performances.

The first one to dance was Paul and Joshua. I don't know what happened to Paul's dance because I wasn't able to watch it. They're supposed to be partners but what happened is that Sir said it wasn't allowed. So they had to separate. Maybe Paul still danced their practiced song. But Joshua tried on another song and danced it on-the-spot. I was shocked to realize that he wasn't even able to practice it. Yet the timing and all was correct. Sir was smiling at him and he got a grade of 90. Imagine, that's an impromptu dance. I couldn't do that myself. But he seems so confident, he just smiles at Sir Ryan while he dances. He doesn't even seem to feel nervous at all. If only I have the same level of confidence that he has, I might be able to dance excellently on-stage.

Well, going back, Victoria danced next after Joshua. She had a practiced dance, I guess. Her song was Mad? Am I right? I'm not sure with the song, huh? But she had those steps that make me go, "Woah! Where did she get that?" She choreographed the song beautifully and I praise her for that. Unlike me, I find it very hard to choreograph anything. :D Then I asked Sir Ryan if we could get in, cause you know, we were outside the classroom, just peering in and everything. I asked Sir if we could go in since we've already finished. (I'm referring to Jemai and me.) He said we could, so I watched the other performances inside the classroom.

The next one, I guess, is Mirro. MAYBE?! I'm really not sure huh. So yeah, Mirro danced a song of the Backstreet Boys. I forgot the title, but it has some steps with this rock hand \m/. And yes, I enjoyed his performance. With Micha outside screamin, "Pusit!" and all the rest laughing and saying "Pusit!" as well, it was a funny performance. But blimey, he dances well. Who's next after him? Kat J? I think so. So Kat J had a wonderful music, according to Sir. It was a remix, maybe she did the mixing herself, and the steps too. It was a beautiful performance. Only she wasn't in the right timing at some parts of the song. But still, she danced well and we liked it.

Reinna followed after Kat J. And she had the BEST performance, for me. She danced Tik Tok by Ke$ha and she did it very well, I tell you. She emphasized the watch in "on the clock" part. And she just smiled althroughout her whole dance. She had a grade of 95 and Sir really enjoyed her dance. Me too, I really enjoyed it. I really wanted to watch her again, too bad there weren't any video. But everyone's amazed with her, she could join Dance Club if she wants! :)

Then Sarmie danced too. Her music was Party in The USA. She looks so serious that it made me laugh. Sir was kidding her too. He said, "Sarmie, saan ka nakatingin? Nandito ako." And we were like laughing. =)) But all in all, her dance was good. Though there were those times she looked like she wasn't in the right timing. But she really is good in dancing. I wish we could audition together in the Dance Club next year.

Cathleen danced too. Her song was from Step Up 2. She said she still can't get over that movie. It was really awesome, I agree with her. Especially the part when they're on the train station and they made graffiti vandals on the escalator. :)))) It was really COOOL! I mean it. If you haven't watched it, go and watch or you'll miss it. Anyway, she danced well and her pants we're cool, according to Sir. Me, Sarmie and Cathleen could be trios in our audition. ^^

Have I missed out someone? I hope not. Cause I couldn't remember anyone anymore.

Arg. We still have to do a scrapbook of all our pictures for our last compilation in PE. I hope we'll be able to finish it. ;)

That's all for today's post. Good eve? HAHA. Good eve, good morning, good afternoon everyone. Thanks fer reading.

Charm. :-bd

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