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Shopping Day.
Sunday, August 2, 2009,6:22 PM
I woke up at about 7:45 in the morning today. I grabbed the book I borrowed from Zubenel which is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Well, so as I was saying, I woke up that early because we have to go to the mall at 10:00 and I need more preparation. Whenever I feel sleepy, I tend to move slowly. That's why I decided to wake up early. I ate my breakfast groggily. Feeling my eyes droop down my eyelids. I could also picture them saying, "If you don't want to sleep, I will." while falling in my eyelids and covering itself with a blanket. Oh, how very funny that was.

What woke me up was the show. It was Kabuhayang Swak na Swak. The reason why I gained my conciousness is because my younger brother opened the television and raised the volume to 25. Poor ears of mine suffered of that d*mn loud sound. Sorry for the word. But it's true. Our TV usually is at around 9-1o in the volume. Sometimes when I'm alone, I only put it to 7 or 6. That TV projects green pictures because of the wrong positioning of the antenna. (But I suspect that it's the TV's problem itself.) And since the only boy in the house is my three-year-old brother who obviously can't climb a stair up at our roof to fix the antenna yet, we decided to keep the color of our TV that way.

That was the start of everything. My mind and body woke up and I read my borrowed Harry Potter book so that I could finish it today. I merely glanced at the TV because I was so absorbed by what I was reading. So there, that was the morning. I went in my room to retrieve my cellphone from the uncleanable mess that was my bed. The light blinks... that indicates that either I missed a call, I received a message, or I have messages that failed to be sent. So I looked and saw that I have 32 unread messages. Are you gonna kill my fingers early this time?! Kiddin'. But the way the messages was this morning is for the reason that I have slept while I wasn't able to reply to the messages of some of my textmates. Lol.

Okay, so patiently, oh, I think that's an understatement. So I unpatiently and patiently opened the message. Sometimes clamoring about the nonsense of these messages the flooded my inbox folder. Then, as I finished I made a group message. I said sorry that I slept last night without replying to some texts. Okay, after that, I continued reading.

Every now and then, I would glance at my cellphone to check if I have new unread messages. And eventually, whenever I look at it, I always have one. So poor me, I have to answer them all before reading again. :)) My unlimited texts will be useless if I wont.

Then, I took a bath and prepared for we will go to SM Molino today. I dressed a green collared shirt and white capri shorts. (Are the terms correct? I doubt it.) Okay, back again, I chose my black Mango bag because it's spacy. I want to put my wallet and book in it. We reached SM and it's still closed. By the time we reached our parking, the mall opened and we came in. We rushed to the ATM booth because for sure it will have a long line if we don't rush at it. And I was right. There was a long tangled line by people waiting for their turns at the ATM machine. I waited for about 24 minutes to get my turn. My brother was so bored that both my grandmother and aunt became irritated.

I saw Reinna in the Quickly stand and she was buying something. We went to Toby's then to find a black jogging pants for the uniform in Dance Club. I saw one but the tag said it was 475.75 php. No! I would not buy that of course! I need to see other kinds first. :)) There, I saw one cheaper. Then, we bought it and went inside the Supermarket. I saw Vida and maybe the one with him was his dad. They are going to shop for groceries too. After a lot of twists and turns with the carts all over the supermarket, and the long waiting minutes in the cashier, we went down to the walkalator with our cart and went to the car. We left the groceries there and headed back to the mall. We ate at Goldilocks, much to my frustration, because I wanted to dine-in at Chowking. But we enjoyed our meal and left.

Then, my aunt decided to accompany me to Imus to buy the plain yellow t-shirt. Since she planned to go there, she joined me in her trip so that I could go in it for the first time. After buying what she needs, we found a cute yellow shirt which is according to her cotton in fabric. We bought it and went straight home. When I reached home, I grabbed my book and read again. But the TV show was The Buzz. And of course, the latest topic today was... the death of our former president Corazon Aquino. (Which may rest in peace.) Kris Aquino, one of her daughters, told the public for the first time stories before her death. And as though I am related with them, I cried. I really reckon it's because I can relate to her story about what her mom said to them before she left them.

I opened the PC because I remember raising my karma up. I plurked and chatted. I also replied to some comments. And here I am now, blogging. :) So, this ends up my blog post. So long right?! I am actually doing my plate in TLE so I need to get going. Okay? Thanks for reading!

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