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Rainy Day. Again.
Monday, September 7, 2009,9:22 PM
Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. I remember that song occuring to my mind when it started raining again. I was about to leave my house and go to school - I'm meeting some of my classmates there for practice - but it rained hard. So I was stuck at our house waiting for someone to join me on my way there. Luckily, my Tito was there and he delivered me and my classmates not only to school but to my classmate's house.

Hmn, what else for today? After going to Grace's house, we walked all the way to Thalia's. We were just expecting her to show up at their gate but they let us in, to our great surprise. And yeah, we entered. It will be much of a disrespect if we didn't, right? Thalia's mother invited us in, eh? Any way, she went down the stairs with hair dripping wet and went up again to dry clip them. Then she told us couple of stories as much as we did share some. Hahaha. It was so fun. She also let us use their computer for a while and we ate some kind of cereal. I forgot its name but I know it's delicious and I have bought it before. So that's it. Nothing more to add up.

We weren't able to leave their house yet because it started raining again. Tsk! Bad! Yeah, we spent some time there and waited for a tricycle to pass by. One came and we let Ampie ride on it to the boundery of Camella and TCW. Then it came back for us. We went to Grace's house again and hopped in on their Revo 'till 7Eleven. What happened next? I rode on a trike and went home.

Yeah, I reached home and saw my Tito fixing the socket at our room. (It had some black on it. Because of a short circuit? I guess so.) And after he finished, they drank a cup of coffee and dried their clothes in our washing machine.

Then, I opened the computer and started browsing. :)

Maybe that's all for today. Good night everyone!

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