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Wednesday, September 30, 2009,5:19 PM

Justin Drew Bieber.
OMFG! So handsome. XD And he's just a year older than me. As if he knows me. Lol. I love his song, One Time, so much. "Me plus you. <3; Your world is my world. And my fight is your fight. My breath is your breath; Your my one love, my one heart, my one life for sure." Pfft. Haha.

Just listened to songs new to my ears. *Whatever, Charlotte. You're such a loser.* On the list of those new ones are:
One Time - Justin Bieber. <3
Hush Hush - Pussycat Dolls. XD
Patron Tequila - Paradiso Girls. :)
Replay - Shinee. :P
I am Sasha Fierce - Beyonce. <;
99 Times - Kate Voegele. c;
-- and a lot more. i just forgot 'em.

Went out and practiced at Kat J.'s house. Amazing! I just can't stop feeling awestruck at their house. ^^ The practice was fun. We spilled a lot. (A lot what?) Secrets. Well, we promised not to tell anyone so I'm not telling you lot. xP Sorry.

Texted him. Of course he replied. I'm planning to go unli again tomorrow. :"> Okay, so you know who he is, I guess. He played and slept. Good for him he could still sleep in the afternoon. We couldn't. All those tiresome days of practice! Good thing we are resting tomorrow. I just want to sleep all day. But I couldn't, I have to do a lot of school works I left undone. Oh well, that's life.

Brenz got reunited. Wohooo! \m/ Miss them, you know. The gala we did before. I even wore the clothes I wore when the group was made. I just hope we'll be classmates next year. Those people rock. I swear. Yogurt Sticks is love! We went and saw the newest park in town. :)) The park near Sto. Nino De Molino Parish Church. Yeah, I love the tigers! So massive but tame. Hell yeah, I want to have one. Raaawwwrr! ;o There was even a water something. I don't know what it's called. Maybe it's a river or something, I don't care. There are fishes there. Tilapias. :)) Know them? Filipinos do. They breed Tilapias there and if you caught one, you have to pay for it or you'll have to bring 'em back.

That ends my post for today. Thanks for reading guys. Good night. Off to sleep. *wallbash*

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