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Saturday, March 6, 2010,10:22 AM
Good morning Blog. :) Sorry for being too inactive these days. I'm just soooooo busy right here. Y'know, exams are coming closer - I mean, we're gonna take 'em next week - and we have a lot of projects and stuffs to submit to our teachers. But other than those things, I'm really gonna miss my Freshman year. I'm gonna miss all my classmates and teachers. Thanks for all the memories, either good or bad. Whatever it is, sure the hell I learned something from it.

I was deliberating a while ago my post in Tumblr. The picture says "I'll wait." But what if I got tired of waiting and just move on? I couldn't think of the possibilities that might happen if I do but I can't get that thought out of my mind too. I'm all about anticipating again, or was it expecting? :o

Anyway, we have to be blissful today. :D I don't wanna ruin this pretty HOT day. Let's see. What have you missed those days? My last post was very epic already. :)) February 25, 2010. And to tell you honestly, you missed 8 memorable days of mine. I'll try to recall some of them and maybe share those with you. But I think I'll fail in that, maybe I'll try some other time. My photographic memory is failing today. So does my hearing abilities. =))) Look how crazy I am, telling you these things.

So, since I still couldn't remember them, let me tell you last night and today. ^^

Yesterday was our second to the last day of regular classes for first year. And I would really miss that. :( Especially the laughs I shared with my classmates. We finished Ibong Adarna and the ending was kind of "bitin" for me. Because the Adarna wasn't even mentioned in the last part. And they didn't tell us how many children Don Juan and Donya Maria got. And they didn't even tell us what happened to Berbanya under Don Pedro and Donya Leonora's hands. So yeah, it was a bit frustrating. I was expecting so much from the ending. But that's life. ;)

We also had an activity in CLVE. Jared's funny. He's so straight to the point. And I was like, "Yeah, that's SO right." But they didn't ask me anything, so that was boring. But I guess I couldn't answer anything rin naman. No one from Dalton attracts me the way he does. :"> Yeah, cut it off, Charlotte. You're being way too over the top.

Then I talked to him, on the phone. He told me he was supposed to give me something. And that made me very curious. I wasn't sure of what I heard so I said, "Huh?" Then he said, "Wala." But of course I wouldn't let the topic drop, right? So I said, "May narinig ako eh, hindi lang ako sure." And blah blah blah. But still, he didn't tell me what that something was. He said paper, and I was like, "What's with the paper? Some doodles or drawings?" But I didn't say that out loud. Maybe he still doesn't know how I really wish I could get one of his drawings. :x I saw the doodles he made with his folder and they were soooo cute! Oh yeah, I'm sorry. Next topic.

We also finished The Core in Science. For the first time ever, I was excited to do Science. And really, the movie was absolutely fab! I swear. I was very fascinated and I still can't get over it. The ending was awesome too. The hacker was amazing. I wish I know someone who could do those stuffs that he does too. And Dr. Keyes and the pilot Ms. Childs were awesome. Imagine, the only girl in the team - and she was even the pilot - was saved but the others weren't. She rocks! \m/ And she and her love team, Jon look good together. My fave kilig part was when she grabbed his face and kissed him when the vessel restarted and they were able to leave the core and escape by a space between two tectonic plates near Hawaii. But when they reached the surface of the water, they instantly cooled and the power went off again. Good thing they were found by the marine crew using the whales' cry. And there you have it. :DD End of the story.

But today, I'm not yet doing something meaningful with my life. I was just checking on my social-networking sites and that's it. Maybe I'll update this one later for some things I've done this afternoon. G'bye! :-h

Charm. <3

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