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She's fresh to death, she'll be the death of you.
Wednesday, October 7, 2009,9:00 PM
Rawr. ;o Nothing new. I'm still a monster and imma eat yooo! ~ Lol. Today's an eat-till-your-tummy-burst day. I really ate and ate and ate and ate. Probably you'll just think it's starvation, but no, it's not. I'm not that okay that's why I eat too much. Food is really an effective solution to being gloomy. After I finish eating, I feel better. I think I have read something about that, or maybe heard. Eating really helps us to feel better.

She's so fine. She's thinks she's so damn fine.
She might be fine. But she ain't worth a second of your time.

Let's paint the town red. I wanna paint! Badly. I wanna paint with my hands or maybe with a paintbrush, a big one. I really want to do our background now. Really. I mean it. I really wish we will make it soon. We're loosing time. We need a background. :D Next, I really want to see our outfit. Like a dress rehearsal. It would be fun, I'm sure. My classmates always makes fun of anything. They could still find something to laugh on even when it's all sad and blue. Lalabs ko Dalton. Solid! <3

I just finished eating Yakisoba. The spicy chicken one. It's so yummy, I swear. I want another one. Too bad I can't 'coz it contains a lot of msg. The next time I could eat one is perhaps next week? I'm not really sure. -,- I also ate fried chicken for dinner. I love it. The chicken is really delicious. Finger-lickin' good. :)

I enjoyed doing the group activity in ELA. We just laughed, took pictures and then made them. Kat J has drawn a lot of cute images in the manila paper while I write the contents for the parts of the story. It was a tough thing to do but I wasn't bored. They kept on drawing and making lettering of loveteams in Dalton. I really love the picture wherein the face of it was like a raindrop and it's lips are on a pout. Some sort of this one :3. It was really cuteee!

I'm so excited for our IP! I'm really enjoying it. Our group is really, not perfect, but just fine. The members are all cooperating, especially in the part where we'll be making the paper. It's just so fun with them around. I really hope we'll get a high grade on this one. That we could defend it in the oral defense just fine. And that we'll be able to do the product properly. Yeah! It would be affecting a big percentage of our grade and I can't afford to fall on that one. :]

We substituted T. Tessa in Darwin today. Being a teacher is really a tough job. I salute all teachers out there for their patience with us. I really had a hard time composing myself up just to not burst out lately. Good thing Darwin wasn't really hard to teach. If they are really messed up and worse, I might end up screaming at them for their attention. They were really good though it looked like they're bored. We'll, I can't blame them. I wasn't enjoying myself either. But they need to know it 'coz she'll be agitated when she knew they learned nothing. I really wish they'll learn something from us.

Well, I've gone so long for today. I might as well end it up. Good night guys! :-h

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Charm. Lalabs kita. :*

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