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You can't be serious.
Wednesday, October 13, 2010,8:56 PM
That friggin' toothbrush is killing me. Isn't there someone else it can torture? Srsly. Why me? I still have to do this assignment in Filipino and study for a seatwork tomorrow, and for quizzes in AP and Math. But thanks to that... thing, I can't do them yet. I'm stuck here in front of the stove trying to make it bend, but it wont let me. How stubborn could a toothbrush get?

With Hellcats and Glee on the TV, hell, I really can't finish the things I need to do. Hahaha. Good luck to me.

I remembered Aldwin and my classmates. They made him blow a balloon with powder inside. They advised him not to inhale it, or he will inhale the powder. And so he didn't. Then the balloon popped. It sprayed not only powder on Katrina and CJ tho. There were saliva. :)))) Obviously, Aldwin's saliva. I was like... "What is air?!" Because I really can't breathe. They were making me laugh so hard I can barely say a word.

So we're teasing Katrina a while ago. Since the saliva sprayed all on to her and to my chair, she sort of kissed Aldwin indirectly. First all-over kiss. :)))))))

Uh. What next? We've got ourselves a new bitch. And I mean, HBIC. Like totally irritating-to-death-how-dare-you-say-that-HBIC. Who knew Regina Sparks had a sister in DLA? I wish we had been warned. Lawd. There must be a sign... Don't aggravate. Deadly. At least, we would know. Ugh. Can't stand to be near that bitch again. Freaks the living shit out of me, srsly.

Okay. Enough with that... Oh well.

So I'm currently defining some terms that you don't usually encounter in your daily life or even in your Filipino books. Why is Florante and Laura so hard to understand? Last year, I was able to comprehend Ibong Adarna... but why am I having difficulties with this story? Is it really that deep? Well, yeah, it is. But still. I shouldn't feel so bored and uninterested with this. Or maybe it really is. Whtevs.

Before we went to Computer class, I was currently singing Jeepney Love Story. It was good. The lyrics and tone were. You should listen to it. Or do you want me to sing it for you? Brace yourself! Make sure you have your umbrella with you. Okay, you ready? Ehem. Ehem. "Ayoko nang pumara kahit san mapunta. Ayoko nang pumara kung ikaw ang kasama. Ayoko nang pumara, ayoko nang pumara, ayoko na. Aaaaah! Ayoko nang pumara kahit san pa lumiko. Ayoko nang pumara sana di na huminto. Ayoko nang pumara. Ayoko nang pumara. Basta't ikaw ang kasama." Okay. Sorry for that. I ain't sure about the lyrics, huh. :)

I'm currently watching Glee right now. And I am freakin' hungry. Oh, that's an understatement. It should be starving. I just ate fried chicken and fried rice for dinner and some chips and softdrinks a while ago, but hell, I'm still starving. I dunno what's wrong with me again these days. But all I know is that I tend to get hungry easily. Is that a bad thing?

Okay. Glee's finish. I might as well go. Today wasn't boring, mind you. :) Thanks to my friends and to the funny Fleming people.

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