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In silence, I found no rejection.
Thursday, January 14, 2010,7:15 PM
And in silence, no one owns you but me.

Dad said I could buy a guitar! <:P Yeeeey! I feel like jumping for joy right at this moment. Hahaha. But if I did, I might bump in my hanging cabinet. I'll be saying, "SOLIIIID!" if ever I bumped at that one. Lol. It's hard and it would hurt, definitely.

I surprised myself this evening. I accidentally clicked a kpop song - Stand By Me by Shinee to be more exact. :)) Why did I find it flabbergasting? Oh, I just thought I'm not addicted with BOF songs now. But I still looooovveeeeee them!!! <3333333 I just love their songs. And what I love about them are not just their tunes but their lyrics as well. I love it when I hear songs I don't even understand. I just find it cute. I remembered my Gramma complaining last last night. She was saying, "Charlotte, bakit ganyan ang patugtog mo? Hindi naman maintindihan." and she even said, "Parang nagmumura naman yang kanta mo. Hinaan mo nga." I felt like saying STFU, but of course I stopped myself before the words even left my mouth. I lowered the volume, cursing. Well, I don't have any choice.

Hmmm. What else? I don't wanna talk about the other parts of today. I just don't like talking about those stuffs anymore. I don't want to talk about The Subject anymore. It makes doing that thing harder. :| Darn.

Who knows how to speak G-words? Please tell me asap. :D I wanna test you on this one. Tell me what it means, huh? "Kugustugo kogong magagkagarogoogon nagang kigitagaraga." YEAAAH. That was long, whew. I thought I'll be consuming all the space available. Anyway, imagine if I'll be writing a post just composed of G-words. Ugh, imagining it makes my head ache already. It would be very hard, and tiring for sure. I might just be writing four sentences then give up afterwards. It would be very long too. Imagine that one sentence. It took me a minute and a half typing that. =))

I feel really speechless tonight. Srsly. I dunno what to say. Imma eat Nova later, btw. Though I'm prohibited by Nurse Archel. HAHAHA. >:) I'm gonna sneak. No one's gonna discover it. I mean, he's not gonna be checking up on me every second and minute, right? He probably doesn't even know what happened to me after he made me take a tablet to ease my headache. He wouldn't check if I followed him and if I'm okay now. :DD Imagine a school nurse doing that. Impossible.

I've changed my blogging format. Not because of the copycat thinggy or something. It's because I'm lazy enough to loose the intuition to color specific words in my post. I may do it in some - just when they're really very very important - but I feel like I just don't wanna make it too colorful anymore. And besides, it looks good even without the extra colors and all that.

Good night everyone. Thanks fer reading. Don't mind what I wrote below. I just loved the first sentence. Whatev.

Paint my nearly colorless world. Make me your girl.

Charm. XD

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