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Talk about stupidity.
Thursday, May 6, 2010,9:13 PM
Ow-kay. I'm not in the good mood so expect my words to be, you know, a bit unpleasant or something. But I still want to blog. This is the place I can totally express what I feel.

So today's supposed to be a good one but... :| I don't know if it's right to share this but I just don't have anyone to share this with. I couldn't tell this to the people here in the house but I don't have any other people near to talk to. So... it leaves me with no option, but my blog.

So there's someone who's calling the house and I don't know who it is. Then someone called me in my phone and I was able to talk with that person. The problem is, he wouldn't tell me if he was that caller or not. He was like mumbling something and I totally have no idea what that meant. My grandma asked me who I was talking with. I told her it was a schoolmate of mine. And my sentence ended with a, "Kulit kasi." Maybe he thought I was referring to me cause he said, "Sakit naman nun." OHYEAH. I don't know if I'm still typing the exact words... But that's what the statements mean. And I was asking him if he was the prank caller and he was mumbling again. Now, I'm irritated. Because a couple of days ago, he called and I really wanted to talk to him but he wasn't even saying something. He was whispering. And I got a bit pissed because I really want to talk to him again but he's like that and we weren't even able to talk properly. So I raised my voice and I was really pissed off now. I told him what the mumbling means, if it was a yes or a no. But he still didn't answer. So I told him "Bahala ka na nga." and turned the call off. :|

Okay, I know it's my fault. And ending the call even made it worst. :(( How stupid of me to do that. :| x_x

Anyway, good evening to all of you guys who are having a good time and enjoy it. I don't want to ruin your night with my story.

We went to school lately and I was already enrolled. My brother is scheduled to take his entrance exam tomorrow and I hope he passes. Good night everyone. I don't know what else to say. Sorry for this lame and emotional post.


I wasn't able to sleep so I went online again. And guess what? He said sorry - even though I'm the one who turned the call off... :| - and it even made me more guilty and I said sorry too for being too mataray. So it's peace already. :D And he was the prank caller. :)))

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