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I don't know where to begin.
Monday, November 16, 2009,8:19 PM
This is a late post. Again. :))

The internet connection failed again for a gazillionth time. *wallbash* I'm gonna hit those people with a crowbar na. Kidding. :))

Any way, today was an assignment making day. I'm gonna check later at 9 if our net is okay. Jed said that in the last time this happened, it was back again at about nine or nine thirty in the evening. I really hope this would be fixed at those times. Darn. I'm getting more and more irritated with this one. 8-| *insertbrandhere* is such a loser! :-L

Okay, moving on... The project in TLE was sooo hard. I swear. It was too weary to make but I did it, though my work wasn't that clean. :( Argh! Pasmado eh. Kamusta naman yun?

We went to SM and it was deserted. Because of Pacman's fight. Yohooo! Another win for Pacquiao. It is now his seventh title and he is still the Pound for Pound champ. <:P Maghahanda na yan! Joke. Feeling close? But, yeah, we Filipinos are so proud of him. I'm gonna study for tomorrow's quiz in TLE. So long guys! Wait for the continuation of this one. Haha. Today's post: Waaaah! I'm too busy. I can't do something long today. Sorry guys! Tomorrow is our general rehearsal. x_x Eto na talaga ang kahihiyan. Gaaarrr. Anyway, that's it. Hahaha. I hate my tummy. So embarrassing. :( I've got a lot of things to do pa. I really have to go. Sangkayaw for tomorrow. Someone said it's cheap. Hahaha. I don't care. Hindi naman ako nagpauso nun eh. :) Yeah, but I hope this one works out. *crossfingers* Quote of the Day:
We are the reason that He gave His life. We are the reason Jesus suffered and died. To a world that was lost, He gave all He could give. To show us the reason to live.

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