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You are my rising sun.
Sunday, December 27, 2009,6:16 PM
You are my sweetest downfall.

Jusko. Gumaganon?! :)) Good evening people of the world! Yeah. May amat na naman ata ako?! Anyway, I promise to speak english. :D 'Coz I feel like I wanna make this a super tagalog post again. Hmm. Noooo! What about this day? Ugh. This is one of the most boring day ever.

-- Saw this one in Tumblr and I loved it! :x

I feel lazy. I just opened my Tumblr and blahblah accounts 5:32 in the afternoon. I was just watching TV all day. Screw that one. I'm sure you wont find anything interesting with the shows I watched. Some were corny and I was just forced to watch them. I don't want to watch boxing naman eh! So yeah, that's much of the boring day today.

What else could I put here?

Ugh! Nothing na. :( Oh... I've made a poem pala. It's corny - I'm tellin' you already. :D

Treat me like a fortress, of where there is peace;
Treat me like a flower, endure every piece.
Treat me like an old photograph, with those memories;
Treat me like an angel, who hurts you the least.
Treat me like a kitten, who is always dear;
Treat me like a gold bar, that you would keep near.
Treat me like an end, when you remember those beginnings;
Treat me as who I am, with all those dreadful things.

I told you.. It was really corny. So much for being bored, huh? Maybe that's the solution to my problem in writing poems. And it still has no title. Have any suggestions? This is wracking my brain! I can't think of a appropriate title for it. I don't want to label it as Treat Me - that would be such a mistake. I can't think of anything else. It just circles within the poem itself. I even chose Gold Bar a couple of seconds ago. Okay, that made me sound stupid. :))

Currently reading: The Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho.
I'm bored eh. I don't know what to do next. So yun, found that book and read it once more. Actually, it's not reading. It's browsing. XD

Uhm. Walanakomasabi. Speechless.

Life is good I can't complain. -- sarcasm's cool.

Charm. ^^

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