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Monday, January 25, 2010,6:45 PM
I'm talking pedicure on my toes, toes. :))

Speaking of pedicure, Grazielle said I can't paint my nails. They might disqualify me. So I have no choice but to let my toes be for a week. Isn't that awful? I could've colored it blue or something. Maybe fuchsia pink? Yeaah! And maybe black with my hands. That's more Dalton-y. :)

Anyway, I've got this injured feet. Why do I always get injured in the Palaro? And to top it all off, I always get it when it's still the first day or something. I couldn't play some of my games 'cause of that. My ate said I could play volleyball tomorrow. But is she really sure of that? AAARRGGGGHHH! My feet really aches. And she said there was a bump. Omg! Noooo. I should get better tomorrow or I won't be able to play. I couldn't loose that opportunity. x_x *wallbash*

Sht. Could I say that? Lol, moving on, Grace is paos already. Why haven't I experienced being paos? I wanna go through it. So that I know how it feels. My voice will go throaty... and it will sound low and scary. A lot of people with sore throat experience that. But what if you'll get your voice higher when you're paos? Is that possible? =)) Why not? :D

TK said it was hard being paos. But maybe I still wanna try. It made me feel uncertain tuloy. XD Maybe that would make my conduct higher, cause I won't speak too much. But how could I scream at my naughty lil' bro if I got an aching throat? I just realized that one just now. Maybe I really don't want to be paos. Hehe. I'll just be thankful of not experiencing it.

Our team lost at Obstacle Relay. Which is very frustrating. My previous teams - where I was a player - used to win. Well, that's changing things. It just means that not because you're in the team, you're gonna win. Things change. :D Oh well, it's just a game, and I had fun. Though my feet hurt a little. After I ran, I started to feel the pain, and that started everything. I punched my feet - if you could call it punching. x)) It became better after a few minutes but still, it was kind of painful. Kind of. I just have to watch my steps and the way I move my feet so that it won't hurt again.

Congratulations to Paolo, Jared, Niel, Joshua, Renzo, Paul, Jemai, JP, Xander and Aldwin. Imma share this to you all. They won their first match with Darwin. But it was a tough fight. Darwin's players were good too. It really was a nice fight. Congratulations to Raia too! She won her game in Scrabble. She's such an intelligent girl. ;) Oh, and to Nazoreans (Pasteur) and Legionaires (Roentgen) -- did I get the spelling right? -- The Pasteurs won their first game in Volleyball. The Legionaires won the Obstacle Relay. c:

What else am I gonna put here? Oh, CHEERDANCE~ They were sooooo great. I was like o_o the whole moment. Really. I wasn't even able to take a video of them because was just gobsmacked at their performance. And I was a bit disappointed with the stalls this year. Jollibee was not there, even the ice cream thinggy. I loved that place! I used to buy Coffee Crumble there and it's soooo delicious. Oh, I remember the name. Milko? Not sure.

Good night. I wanna eat my noodles now. Thanks fer reading. :-h

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