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I turned into your perfect girl. A total stranger.
Tuesday, December 15, 2009,9:11 PM
The mirror is shattered. I'm finally free.

Today's a really happy day. :) Yey! Let's start from the very start. But before that, lemme share some of these lines muna.

I pass my reflection. It's someone else. I see your invention. And not myself.

Lupet noh? Going back, here. I woke up but I'm still sleepy. So I went to my room and fixed my things. Kunwari. :)) But I did fix my things. I got so excited of BOF that I forgot fixing the things I'm gonna use tomorrow. So I ate while going here and there. I'm really fixing my things. I even grabbed some random clothes to wear if ever we'll have our class picture. They said we need a t-shirt with two colors. So I just grabbed something as long as their color matches. XD I got a green shirt with a brown bolero. Good thing they matched. And we didn't have our class picture. *whew* Imagine what I'll look like if they didn't naman.

Took a bath. Well, I don't have to elaborate that, right? x)) Then, read my notes again. Recalled them. Baka kasi walang pumasok sa utak ko. Puro BOF na lang naiisip ko eh. They're just sooooo uber hot kasi. :") Really. I melted at that very moment. :x Everytime they'll enter a place in Shin Hwa School, the girls and even boys were like, "Andyan na ang F4!!!!!!" So how do you expect me to react? I'm always intrigued by the way they dress. And everything just matches them. SWEAR. <333333

Took exams in ELA, CLVE and Elective. ELA was okay. Hmn. I don't feel like I'm gonna be good on that one. Let's just hope through hope. *crossfingers* I feel like I wanna cross my toes too. :/ CLVE was fine. Well, the bible I borrowed didn't really have those relevant words and all that. But they're considerable naman. So yeah, I don't have bad vibes there. But still, let's pray for it. Elective was regretful. Hmn. I already have a mistake. Argh! Degree naman ako ng degree. Stress pala. Why was I wrong? Tama naman ako before. Ugh! :| So yun na. I wont be 100 na. How very disappointing.

Ito na! Service time na. This is the funniest part of this day. Listened to this radio station - actually, all of us are listening. Then, they just made us laugh with their convos and songs. =)) I was laughing my a*s off already. I really laughed a lot. And we even stared at Aldwin who made us laugh even harder. Even Yesterly is laughing. Well, she never stopped. She was smiling all along. Even if she's covering her face with her hanky, her face is so lifted up that her handkerchief didn't seem to cover up her bliss.

The next part is quite boring. So let's skip that. :) My tumblarity increased now! Yehey! <:P Heard the first simbang gabi. ONE DOWN! 9 to go?! Maybe 9 or 8. :D Goofed around at home with Ate Djoanna. We shared stories with each other. We had such a good time. And she's a funny storyteller. The topic just went here, then there then back and then everywhere. ;] It was kinda confusing but I managed to keep up.

Look at the pic above. This just made me remember my past dreams. *sigh* He wants to see me. But I'm thinking that he has a new one already. Look at how pessimistic I am now. I used to be optimistic but I don't know what happened, why I think negative thoughts now. Well, I have to be positive. Anyway, I'm sure now of what I feel about -insertnamehere-. Ang sarap niyang kantahan ng You are the thunder and I am the lightning. And I love the way you know who you are. And to me it's exciting. When you know it's meant to be. Everything comes naturally, it comes naturally. When you're with me, baby. :"> Hahaha. He's sooo cute. I wanna see him tomorrow. I'll search for him in school. I wont go home without seeing him. Well, it's just easy. He's always there. :))

Okay, currently studying. Gotta go off now. BOF's near. Goodnight everyone! :-h

Quote of the Day:
You have a way of moving me. A force of nature, your energy.

Charm. :")

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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