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Saturday, February 13, 2010,9:35 PM
I think I felt my heart skip a beat.

The way you take my hand is just so sweet. :"> And that crooked smile of yours, it knocks me off my feet. Lol. :)) Okay. HAHA. Good evening Blog.

Sorry for failing you the past days. I was really busy, I mean it. Very busy. And yes, we even had our fieldtrip. Since the memories of it were still fresh in my mind, let me tell you about it.

Thursday; February 11, 2010. Fieldtrip Day!
I woke up at 3:19 when I was supposed to be up at 3:30. Then, I ate, dressep up, checked if I got all the things I needed then went to Ate DJ's car and zoomed to school. When I got there, I noticed that most of the first years were Pasteur. Then we went upstairs then went to the court and took some pictures. I was looking around, searching.. for someone. :D

And then I saw him, after a few minutes of searching. That seemed years for me. He seemed impossible to find with those bunch of people in the court. I felt like roaming around when I can't see him but then he appeared, and I felt better. I really wanna describe how he looks like and what he wears but.. I can't, for certain reasons.

We were asked to fall in line and listen to their reminders. Well, as an excited student, I wasn't listening. I was texting, chatting and laughing there. :"> *skip* I only listened when they were telling us our destinations, bus numbers, groups. The rest of the minutes weren't idly spent for I was staring at him, then, looking at something else, and staring back again. :)

*skip* Then, we're on the bus. He's texting me and that's what made my day. :D I was eating, drinking and laughing with everyone. We traveled for four hours from Manila to Bataan. We stopped somewhere in the expressway, then traveled again. I wasn't able to sleep much from that cause I was overwhelmed.. I was watching Son of The Mask, he said he watched this for a couple of times. :DDDDD Anyway, I saw the cross from the window and that made me more excited.

The road taking us to the Dambana ng Kagitingan was some kind of zigzag and matarik. I heard the clutch for a couple of times, especially on the way down. And when we reached the place, I felt a bit dizzy and wobbled a couple of times. I don't know why. :)) Then, we went to the museum, climbed up the blood stones and reached the cross. Too bad the elevators weren't working so we weren't able to get up, which was very frustrating. But atleast we were there. The others weren't. And I don't think they'll get a refund.

We traveled again to Subic, this time. But because the 2ndyears and 3rdyears aren't finished with the TreeTop adventure, we went to Freeport Exchange first. They said it was Duty Free, but it isn't. x)) So I wanted this hourglass made of jelly-like, water substance. Their colors were blue and green. I wanted them badly, but because they cost $3.80, I'm afraid I'll get scolded by my Mom for buying something nonsense out of my money. I just decided to buy M&M's Peanut for my brother.

We went to the TreeTop Adventure next. They couldn't pospone us any further. We saw some 2ndyears and 3rdyears there. We were asked to do the Centipede something first, to be able to go to the next stations. We lost but we won on the second game. The one where you've got to pass through the ropes without touching them. ;) It wasn't a fair game, really.

Then we went ziplining. At first, I was very nervous. When I was going to the other side, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, it even made Kathrine let go of her grip just to pat me, persuading me to stop screaming. She thought I was going to die. =))) But, really, I just want to release my tension. When we went back to the other side, I was able to enjoy it more. I wasn't scared of it anymore, and I was really having fun. I love the wind on my hair, the speed and the height. In short, everything. :D

Then, we tried the mini bunjee jump, or the tree drop. It was the best for me. ;) I was the second from all the firstyears who tried. And the first girl. That made me feel better. They said our batch was braver, I do think so. But I wasn't able to see the first batch for myself. Anyway, I fell and it was fast and it made me dizzy. But nevertheless, it was super FUN! I really want another one!

Last, we rode on the Canopy Ride. It was dark but we still enjoyed it. It was slow and very relaxing. The funny part was after it. Someone surprised us from the trees but it wasn't that convincing. It was still an enjoyable ride. I couldn't say much of it though, cause we weren't able to see much from the dark.

So that ends it up. We traveled back to Manila and reached home 1:00am. It was my first time to go home at that time. I had a lot of firsts in this trip. The ziplining, treedrop, canopyride, and many more. <3 It was the best fieldtrip I ever went at! I wouldn't forget this one! =p~

*I'll just post today's happenings on tomorrow's post. :)
Off to watch PBB Big Date on the Big Night. XD

Charm. :")

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