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Friday, March 19, 2010,10:26 AM
Off to go to my Tito's house. Imma read a book when I get there.

Walang kwenta mga drafts ko dito. Hindi ko na sila naedit. But I'll still post 'em. Sayang. :))))

Run devil run run devil run run. Run devil devil run run. >:)


After my prolonged absence in blogging, I'm finally back! Well, I've hibernated myself from this site only because I was sooooo busy with the school stuffs. With the school year ending March 16, 2010, and the requirements still unfinished, I really need to concentrate on those stuffs first. I don't want to have a problem on April with my clearance.

It's good to be back, though I'm sure no one's reading my blog posts. IKR? :)) So yeah, learned a few abbreviations and I think I'm equipped with more words now. :D So let's start bloggin' again.

I"m currently reading the 3-part story of David Pelzer compiled in a book entitled My Story. It is consist of the books A Child Called 'It', The Lost Boy, and A Man Named Dave. I've finished the first installment and currently browsing on the pages of The Lost Boy. I haven't really understood why it's labeled that way. But I'll know it in the future. I just have to read some more. But thanks to the internet and my parents - we're using Skype now - so it's really hard to read because they're speaking and I get distracted with their voice that I couldn't understand anything. I always end up going back to the part where I started.

So yeah, that's it. So much for bein' an easily-distracted bookworm. So let's move in to some stuffs for last night, shall we?

I was alone in the house yesterday. My lola, brother and ate went to my Uncle's house to babysit my cousin because he was left all alone there. Since he couldn't tend himself, they went there to do the job. And it wasn't so boring at home. I was chitchatting with my Plurk friends and surely I had a great time.

1. I should be heading to my Uncle's house just as promised but I still couldn't leave the PC.
2. I should be eating since it's lunchtime but because of the same reason, I almost skipped lunch. :))
3. I ended up talking with my father in Skype that made me delay my eating time more.

That's it. Lol. But thanks to them, I wasn't bored though I'm alone in here. It sucks knowing that you're the only person in the house, you know. You don't have anyone to talk to. And that just makes me more bored. x_x

Anyway, I'm still hooked up with Ke$ha's Run Devil Run. It's just so cute! I love the lyrics and the tune. I hope there's a music video of it soon. Imma check it out if there is. ♥ What's next for me to share? Ohh.

My ate and I went to SM Molino to buy some groceries yesterday. We left home at 4pm something and had trouble finding a spacey jeep. I don't really feel like squeezing my butt in some nearly-full jeepneys around. Upon reaching SM, my now short hair is like dried and scattered in my face. I had a hard time trying to comb it with my hand. Well, that part was funny. I was fixing my hair while strolling inside Watsons to buy some Body Salt. I even thought of going to the rack where combs are so that I could borrow one. =))) But I didn't cause I'm afraid that wasn't allowed. I left the store with a Body Salt and a new blue nail polish. Yeah. Imma change this fuchsia pink tips of mine to frozen light blue the day before our farewell. ;)

Then we went to the Hypermarket. I was supposed to find the white Crissa tee with gold prints in it. It was the parter of a black something I bought last time I went there. I don't know what to call it. But it's like a big bolero. Yeah. I hope you got the picture. But really, it took time for me to find it. Much to my disappointment, it wasn't there anymore. :| But I was able to find another white Crissa tee now with the same print but with a different shade. It's shiny, just like the gold one, but it has different colors now. I bought it and was glad because the cloth wasn't that thin just like the one I was looking for. That was my problem last time. I'm afraid people would see my skin through it so I had second thoughts of buying it. I bought the black bolero instead. But when I went home and rummaged my closet for a white tea that would look good on it, I realized that there's nothing there. So I had to buy that white shirt even though it's kinda thin. But I ended up buying another with a thicker cloth. \m/

I am boring you, right? Sorry.

Moving on, I treated my brother by allowing him to watch some kiddo stuffs when we reached home. He watched Blues Clues, Spongebob Squarepants and more in DVD. He had a great time, I guess, but slept on the end part of the DVD. Too bad he wasn't able to see the ending of Spongebob Squarepants. ^^ He looks so tired so I let him sleep already. After I few minutes, I dozed off.

So that's the end of my post for yesterday. Imma post later about THIS day.

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