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I'm soooo late.
Friday, August 21, 2009,8:52 PM
The hvck. I've been too inactive these days guys and I'm really very sorry.

Wednesday: It's a pressure-filled day. I wasn't able to use the computer because I was scolded - for the very first time by my aunt - because she knows its still a periodical day tomorrow. Another was because T. Me-an warned us that her test isn't easy. *She's right. It really isn't.* Besides, CLVE isn't an easy test too. It's self-explanatory and you need a lot of common sense and deep thinking. To cut a long story short, both exams on the same day are hard. :))

You know what?! Here comes Thursday.
Thursday: Why does the exams on the last day be so damn hard? They aren't trying to burst out our heads, aren't they? But my grumbles will not do anything. I do hope I pass. No, I need to get a high grade, since I run for honors. My mom is really up to scolding me in days. Or worse, hours. :( She does it all the time. When she discovers my low grades, she always tries to reprimand my ways and tactics in studying. That I need to be this and that... I have to avoid this and that. And I know she does that only for my own good. She wants me to have high grades because, for her, Education is your stepping stone to success, and she knows that I hate not being in the awardees.

Back again, that's that last day of periodicals. Wohooo! Let's party! We have plans for Friday. I mean, practice plans. And they aren't really clear to me.

Friday: I woke up at about 8:15, rushing, for I have a practice to attend to. Why haven't they reminded me?! *sigh* My friend, Dalainne, turned up at our house and asked me if I'm ready to go. She found me eating my breakfast with my hair drippily wet. So she rested for minutes while I finish my meal and text our fellow-classmate Jed if we can go. No text from Jed came but so we decided to go ahead. We saw Shiela and Pau waiting at Aldwin's house and they said they came early. We waited for our other classmates while at the same time as we we're playing with Aldwin's pet dog, Nono. :)

They soon came. A lot of them. =)) The practice then started. Then, we ate lunch at their house. His family is really welcoming and kind. Then, we practiced for the last song and ate ice cream. The ice cream tastes really good. Unfortunately, I don't know its flavor. I should've asked. After that, we bid good byes to them and took some pictures. Before leaving their house, someone accidently hit *natabig* the electric fan. *Nasira ung elisi. :|* It was so embarassing. Considering the point that we're visitors, not even their relatives. We are about to leave but we still broke something. Really embarassing. x|

Then, we walked home again. I took a shower since I stink. *I perspired while practicing some dance steps.* I ate my snack and went to plurk. I had a big karma down. x( Nevermind that, though. I chatted to some classmates and to my mom and dad. And now, I'm blogging. I'm planning to update my Literature Blog tomorrow or on Sunday. I'm so busy! I'm still to attend the dance club tomorrow. See? My schedule's really hectic.

Okay, nothing to say now. That's what my day was. Lol. I'm off to rest. Bye guys and gals!

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