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Don't want to be alone tonight in this planet they call earth.
Wednesday, May 5, 2010,11:31 PM

Goodnight guys. Dozing off... ZZZZZZZ

Try to edit this tomorrow. For sure, tomorrow would be a very busy day. And with my phone being antique and all. Well, not that old actually. But it has no cam and it's not colored. Technically, it's not my phone but my grandma's. I traded with her cause she doesn't use it and apparently, I really need to use my phone but unfortunately, it's broken. So yeah. You get the picture. :)

// Edited. //

I watched Step Up 2 The Streets last night. Just like the first one, it was great too. I really admire the way they move. :D I wish I could dance like that.

OHSHT. I just mentioned dancing. Why does every topic remind me of him? :| Okay, next topic.

I just watched last night. And my parents' internet connection was fixed and we could chat again. They told me to enroll myself today and to process my brother's entrance examination. So he's scheduled tomorrow. Wish him the best of luck. I hope he passes. *crossfingers*

What else should I say? HMMMM. I was really bored yesterday so I didn't do anything that I could put here. I was just playing Hotel City then going offline and going online again. And the cycle goes on and on. Well of course I eat and watch and sleep. :)))))

Okay. Good night. I am boring you already. Enough of this sheet. Thanks for reading, anyway.

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