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Monday, December 14, 2009,8:07 PM
HELL WEEK. Sure the hell creeps me out.

So I've been dreading for this day to come, as always. But it's like the rain. I can't stop it. Or I don't have the right to. Anyway, exams really aren't the best way to celebrate freedom. I mean, whenever it's periodic exams week, I could commute and all that. I just have to tell my parents that I'm going to this and to that. But I've never done that, huh?! :D

Had a lakad with Maan and Dadie. We aren't going far naman. We're just going to visit Maan's old school, SV Montessori. Actually, I'm not supposed to be going but I just thought that since I'm near it and they're my friends, I could come. And I'm really dead bored at home. Argh. I would have to do something to enjoy the Christmas vacation. Dadie's gonna come too 'coz she wanna see her future school. Awww. I'm really gonna miss her.

Kuya Boyet, our bus driver was teasing the two of us. (I'm referring to Dadie and myself) It's because I told him, "Kuya, saan kami?" His answer was not for both of us but only for me, "Dun ka kay Jobi." *I'm not sure of the spelling but that's how he said it* So I told him, since I don't want to get stuck in that service with all the kiddos around and I don't have someone old enough to talk with, "Eh. Dun na lang din si Dalainne. :)" Then Kuya Jobi interjected, "Mahuhuli siya pag sumabay siya doon." Dadie answered, "Okay lang." And I knew he had no choice then. :)) Hahahaha. Kuya Boyet told Kuya Jobi, "Package yang dalawang yan eh."

Then yeah, that's it. Hahaha. So boring, right?

Anyway, Filipino was okay. It was kinda tiring for my hands but I'm used to Filipino and all the writing stuffs together. Package nga. Sabi ni Kuya Boyet. AP was kinda easy. I was shocked by how the test went. It was as if I was having extreme deja vu all the time. The questions were all from our quizzes and stuff and I'm glad about it, glad that I've read about all those stuffs that went out. c: For me, that's a good sign. Though I forgot who wrote Adela at Florante, which is Jose dela Cruz, I don't know if I'm gonna have that low grade. But we'll see.

Nothing really fun today. Watched TV while I was listening to music from my phone. Actually, I was supposed to study at that time but I'm just not yet in the mood at all. So I dropped it and said, "Latuuur." for a lot of times. Procrastination. That's my stuff.

What else? I hate my tumblarity. :( Really. I was like moping around and all. Know why? Kasi naman, my tumblarity - instead of increasing - is decreasing though I always post and reblog and like and all the stuff that you do. I even changed my theme. WTH?! It is soooooooo unfair. I find it really annoying. And to top it all, I lose 164 from it. So I'm back to 213. Fvck. Sorry for the foul words. I'm just soooo irritated by this one.

Anyway, I wouldn't be ruining my mood. Today's the first screening day of Boys Over Flowers: One More Time eh. Imma watch it kahit late. Kahit perio. Imma watch it still. :x OMG. They're just soooooooooooooo hot. :") I'm melting here, obviously. I wont miss any episode anymore. I'll try my best. Veryyy best.

Good night everyone. Hahaha. :-h

Quote of the Day:
Ikaw... Naranasan mo na bang magmahal ng isang taong gagawin ang lahat lahat mawala ka lang sa buhay niya? Badtrip diba.

Charm. ^^

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