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Missing you just runs too deep.
Friday, April 9, 2010,11:35 AM
YEY! They said the power wasn't cut off yet. What a motivation. <:D

Good afternoon Blog. :) Had a nice day. I woke up in the usual time, ate breakfast, took a bath and used the computer. I decided to change into a bigger t-shirt. I just thought of wearing it. And it was kind of cool because it was big. :)) Anyway, I used the computer afterwards.

My brother kept on persuading me to watch The Princess and The Frog again. Well, I gave in and allowed him to watch again. After that, I watched Gossip Girl. Well, I finally understood the story. :) Serena Van Der Woodsen is the lead, I guess. Then the others follow. But I really HATE Georgina Sparks. I mean it. She's ruining Serena's newly founded life. She's changed but she's giving Serena one hell of a time. :|

Oh well, enough with the GG talk. :))) *You know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Girl* I've got that one memorized. Well, I'm really intrigued of who GG is. I guess she's the narrator. Kidding. :)))))

Saki's team went to our court and introduced themselves. I didn't watch them, but I could hear their speeches. They gave sample ballots and darn it. Villar's on their party. Screw Villar. I really don't like him. :| Bitter much? LOL. Sorry fer that.

So yeah, I went to bed to sleep. But I heard some noises and I think, it belongs to some rats. So I decided to sleep on the upper bed. :))) I got scared. x_x Well, anyway, I was able to sleep there but in the morning, about 6am, my brother was crying and telling me that I should not sleep there. So I moved to my room and slept there, with no aircon or fan. I woke up the next morning full of sweat. :| But atleast, I was able to sleep for about 2 hours more.

That ends my post. Ciao!

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