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You left a hole where my heart should be.
Tuesday, March 16, 2010,9:48 PM
Had quite of a row with my parents. They said I changed a lot. He was saying a lot of things but I figured out that it was best to say nothing. Maybe that would make things better for both of us. Because he was scolding me and I'm supposed to listen. He isn't expecting any response from me either. I know he was telling me what he feels and that all I need is to listen. I responded when I felt the need to. My Dad said I was answering back these days, so I have to change my attitude, and I started that time. I wasn't saying anything against what he says but I'll put them in my head instead. I need to obey and not to answer back. Yeah. I was wrong. And I wouldn't defend myself on that matter because it would do me no good. I am wrong, so what's the need to come clean?

Yeah yeah. I'm a bit down that day. But now we've fixed things up. :) And we're using Skype now. We could see and hear each other better. \m/ :-bd

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