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Saturday, April 10, 2010,1:10 PM
Well, having a great day today. :D

Like what I said on my last post, I woke up with sweat and I bet if you read it, you know why. ;)

After waking up and making sure that there's no sweat left, I ate breakfast, watched TV, and ate lunch. Afterwards, I took a bath and went online. One of the days when my routines are just repeated over and over. Nothing's really new. Except for Wowowee's new co-hosts and set.

:| I was never a fan of Wowowee. But I wouldn't deny that I watch it. My grandma and brother loves the show and I have no choice but to watch it. o_o I read some kind of reaction of a Tumblr user in the same site given. It was really true. I really believe it. And you know, how could all of them manage the show with eight co-hosts? Well, it's not my problem anymore is it? XD

Well, anyway, I'm listening to some songs right now. And my iTunes is pretty crowded. I think I might erase some songs that I don't listen to these days.

I'm currently loving Justin Bieber's songs such as U Smile, That Should Be Me, Never Let You Go, Favorite Girl and Baby. :> Hmmm. Just thought I could share it to y'all.

But my newest LSS is a song from The Princess And The Frog, Never Knew I Needed by Ne-Yo.

Great, I haven't created something from the last two days. :) Sorry for that.

I have a feeling I'll be skipping the other days as well. I don't have anything to put in them.

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