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I'm just a bird that's already flown away.
Sunday, October 25, 2009,5:01 PM
Defense is paper-thin. I am flawed, you know it.

Been listening to So Long Sweet Summer - Dashboard Confessionals. It's fine. Haha. But still, I find Stolen better. Kahit laos na siya. Twilight kasi e. Pinagsawaan na tuloy. :)) Don't take me too seriously today, I'm having those moments again.

I'm reading A Walk To Remember again, today. I just can't get over it. The story is sooooo greaaat. Swear. Yung last line nga ng Prologue niya, "First you will smile, and then you will cry - don't say you haven't been warned." Look? It really is.

Trimmed my long hair today. Now, it's shorter. Obvious naman! Trimmed nga e. Haiy nako, Charlotte. :P Okayy, so yeah, I miss the long one. So fast. I just missed the flair thinggy that I used to do. It's better if my hair is long. Eh?

So I'm studying right now. *angelic mode* D'oh?! Ayoko nga bumagsak. I really don't. And I really want to make it up to my parents after that disappointment. Wish me all the good things in Math. >,< I'm such a bummer at that one. That's maybe the reason why it never liked me. *wallbash*

Wala na akong masabi. Speechless. Lol. I'll edit this later. I'm alone here. Scaaaary. Joke! No way, nothing seems scary here.

// Edited. :b //
Someone called. Lol. Wanna know who it is? Ayokonga! Secretkonayun. Actually tatlo sila eh. Si Daddy, si *tooot* at *toooot*. I only two because in the first one, I forgot my phone. :)) Sinong may kasalanan? Akoo! ;D So, yeah, that's it.

I edited my skin. Superrr hirap. Lol. The codes in the archives was hard. I hated it being long that's why I made a drop-down menu which made it worst. x_x Any way, mag-uunli na lang ako ulit para text text tayong lahat. Hahaha. I'm so hyper today. I don't know why.

I added Sir Mike in FB today. I also found a 'Jorge Calong' - but the picture was a kid - in FB. I added it too. I really hope that is Sir Jorge. He said he has a facebook account, he agreed to be added up. Well, yunnayun.

I ate too much again. Today. I'm starting to eat too much that before. T,T I'll end this up. Gtg. I'm sleepy. Nanayt. Review bukas. IP sa Science, group reviews, I guess, on the other subjects.

Let the rain fall down,
Charm. x))

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