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Saturday, March 20, 2010,10:09 PM
Good evening Blog. I'm currently watching Music And Lyrics, but I paused it just to blog. :)) Well, anyway, lemme tell you about this supposed-to-be-normal day.

I was doing The Usuals every boring day. I was watching TV, reading a book, surfing the net. But not at the same time, huh? :)) So yeah, I was doing those things when Tita Amy and her daughter, Chesca went for a visit to our home. :D That made my day a not-so-boring-after-all one.

They were like nagyayaya. They said we should go to Ate Abbie's house. I know why she wants to. She came to Cavite to ask Ate Abbie if she bought the shoes Kuya Clark was asking for. Unfortunately, Ate Abbie haven't heard about those shoes neither have she seen them there in Japan. So Tita Amy asked for some teddy bears for Chesca instead. My brother, knowing how obvoiusly competitive he is, didn't allow himself to be stepped aside of the picture. So he asked for some teddy bears too. Chesca got some cute ones but later at night, Ate Abbie texted me that she needs to get the bears back, even my brother's. Well, that's fine with me. CJ got a not-so-cute one. :) He could exchange it to a cuter one.

After that, we chatted with my parents via Skype at Ate Abbie's laptop. Their voice was choppy but the camera was clear, I mean, it's like I'm looking through a mirror. Our camera was never like that, not even close! :| Anyway, someone said CJ was mad to my parents when in reality, he's not really mad. I was like, "What the heck is this person talking about?! :o" But yeah, THAT person ruined it already. CJ was being matampuhin and he's acting like he's mad and all that. THAT freaky person said the reason was because my parents won't come home this summer. As if that was her business. Would she care?! Fck. Yeah. I was agitated. My parents wanted to talk to CJ. That's the reason why they talked to us. But look at what she's done. She really ruined it. Thank you very much (insertnamehere). BV.

Of course we left and went home. I borrowed some DVD's to watch here at home. Y'know. MOVIE MARATHON! \m/ :-bd I am currently watching Music and Lyrics. So far so good. Lol. I recommend it to those who haven't watched it yet. Drew Barrymore rocks! And Hugh Grant, with his POP! Goes My Heart dances rocks too. =))))) What's the name of the character Cora? She likes to dance. Lqtm.

Oh, btw, LQTM (Laughing Quietly To Myself) is the new LOL. :-bd Saw that one in Tumblr.

Okay, next movie to watch is The Forbidden Kingdom. Do you think it's wonderful or maybe awesome? Or it's just average? Oh I hope it's good. I just picked it out randomly. The title haunted me kasi. I wish I made the right choice.

So that's all for tonight. I still have to watch this movie. Good night! :-h

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