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Friday, February 19, 2010,8:26 PM
New format. Again.. :) Changed my blogskin, btw. And this is just an edit. I wasn't able to post anything substantial yesterday. And I was too tired to edit it lately in the morning. :D

I slept early yesterday. 12:00AM. Yeah, and what made me busy? Naaah, nothing. Just a bit of Facebook, Y!M and a phone call.

Had so much fun last night. The earlier parts of it were boring and lame but the later part... it was the best. I laughed a lot. But I guess you don't have to know the details, right? ;)

I've got a tie on the fave part of the day. The first was our activity in CLVE. It was very funny. All of us were really laughing. =)) The second was what happened last night, or morning, should I say. :)

I ate a midnight snack but after it, I was still hungry. I was craving for sweets, but my very nice little brother consumed the remaining stock for me. I was planning ask my Ate to buy me something to eat but I hesitated when she's at the door. Cause I'm afraid the stores are already closed. And she can't go to Mini Stop that time cause it's too dark and scary and everything. :)))

So I just slept... craving. And hell yes, I would buy one when I wake up. >:)

Okay, I don't know what to add over here. Just let me sleep okay?

Charm. <3

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