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Friday, November 27, 2009,8:58 PM
"What a sick, masochistic lion." :))

Today was kind of... frustrating. Really. Well. I don't want to talk about it. x| I forgot about the pain na kasi, but they made me remember it again. His name sent waves through my chest, still, stronger than the other one's name did. And it was like every bit of hope from my system faded, as I saw how he looks at her. As I saw how he cares for her. I shouldn't have expected anything.

Today was still fun. Remove that part of the day. :D It was fun because Ira's house was so inviting and open. Though we went there at about twilight, we still enjoyed our bried stay there. We played UNO, ate dinner, chips and choco-coated raisins. That one was yummy! Love it! Those guys were amazing, really! Even Ira is. :)

Okayy, we danced. A remix, actually. Everything - I mean all the songs we danced were included. It was tiring and perspiring. Sir advised us to refrain from fixing our hair and clothes. We should forget everything when we're dancing, he even said. WTH? I can't afford to forget who I am! Lol. Just kidding.

There's no DC tomorrow. They thought of going somewhere though we're not sure where. I'm not joining them, it's sure they'll have fun even without me there. They could find a way. XD

Oh, btw, I discovered something about Ariel today. He isn't really someone who would be out-of-place or something. He knows how to fit in. And another thing... he's afraid of the dark. :)) He means it. He even told us of crying when the lights were kept off.

It's gonna be hard to cope up, for sure. Would you please teach me or differentiate to me the Tugmaang Ganap at Di-Ganap. Whatever that was. x) I can't seem to get what it is. Oh well, I'll better ask my classmates about it. Good luck to me!

Post test in Science tomorrow. It would be tough, I guess. But I hope not. Hmn, God bless? Hell, yeah! We need that one. God's guidance, in order to pass the exam. Yes, ang banal ko! \m/

Amp. My tumblarity isn't increasing. I kept posting and all those stuff but nothing happens. How very disappointing. It started when I was inactive, then it kept decreasing since. Argh! I hate it. ;o Ang bilis pa bumaba. Darn. And the increase is too minimal. Instead of going up, it goes down pa nga eh. Ugh!

Watched the winners of First - Fourth year in ELA. How very frustrating! I wish to see the other levels perform but they weren't able. Sayang naman! :( However, the presentations today were funny. And they just enjoyed what they were doing. Their lapels were whatever. Haha. Amp kase, hindi namin magets yung sinasabi kasi ang hina ng lapel. Doe, a deer, a female deer. Ray, a drop of golden sun. Me, a name I call myself. Far, a long long way to run. Sow, a needle pulling thread. La, a note to follow Sol. Tea, a drink with jam and bread. That would bring us back to doe.

She's so lucky to have you. Haha. Whatever. Eto na naman ako eh. Ang sarap paringgan oh. Hanap ka pa ng hanap, eh nandito naman ako. Bakit ba hindi mo ko makita? Bulag ka lang ba o talagang manhid ka lang? Andito naman ako eh. Laging nandyan, pero bakit kahit ganon, siya parin ang nasa puso mo? Joke lng to ah. Pauto ka naman! Joke! x)) I'm just pretty bored, that's why I did this one.

What else am I to say? Hmn. Good night everyone! Tired na po eh, slight. :]

Tomorrow's another day. It'll be busy, for that, I'm certain. I'm gonna do a lot of schoolworks that day and I'll be going to the mall. ^^ I'll be resting on the remaining days of the week. Maybe watching a movie or eating and reading only. Haha.

Quote of the Day:
Sometimes, lies were said to protect one's feelings. But those lies, instead of securing the person, delivers them to the misery you couldn't ever imagine.

Give me a minute to restart my heart,
Charm. :P

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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