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Curse the soy sauce. :))
Tuesday, December 1, 2009,7:39 PM
Newest Christmas wish! Nike Air. ;> Wanna give one?

--> Lemme share this with yooo.
"You are so materialistic." mom complained.
"But it's just soooo cutee. Admit it, Mom. You like it too." I challenged.
"A bit. But that's not the point." mom admitted.
"Mom, you are so materialistic." I teased.
=)) She promised me that she'll find one of these though. =))

Okayy. Good evening everyone! Want a banat? *roflmao. Here's one. Apoy ka ba? Kasi ALAB yoo. Ohdiba? Matalinooo. :D Kidding. Lakas lang ng tama ko ngayon. Must be the sauce. Want to know about it? CAUTION: Soy sauce talk near. ;)

Here it goes. Beepbeep! Eto na talaga. I was walking with my three buddies - namely Dalainne, Hanna and Kathrine - to buy something in the old lobby. Dadie's headed to Pinoy Pao and we're just accompanying her there. I have bought something to eat na kasi. Then, Yen called me and I thought it was Ira who said my name so I turned around. They laughed so I looked at them next. Then she beckoned me closer so I went there. She asked me, "Are you joining the cheerdance?" I replied, "Definitely!" Then she turned my torso around and I asked her, "What?" She just continued to stare at that direction then Kristina broke in, "She's been high ever since she saw him." Okay, I get it. I thought. Then I laughed and hit Azielle's siomai. The soy sauce of her food spilled all over. Yeah! It's raining toyo. :)) Then that's it.

That's the worst that happened. Nothing else followed. Thank God for that. *sigh* Oh man, the TLE project was wooooh. I really thought I'll be dead. Good thing, sir had second thoughts and allowed us to pass tomorrow. What a nice guy he is! Sir Robert! Hooo! Sir Robert! Hooo! I remembered T. Johna tuloy. She loves ORANGE> :] Oh, here's a treat!

Left: Yum! :D Just ate some of these. Right: Bed rocks! :))

Heyooo. Still there? Haha. Science was deadly. It was always a pain in the neck. Nearly choked when I saw what our seatwork is about. I just screwed up that part. WTH > If you saw my face there, you'll laugh, I promise. =)) Good this my hair is long. It covered half of my face. That saved me from those laughs you know. And people barely look at me. That's also an advantage.

Gaaawd. I'm so terrified for my result in the Science post test. I dread to see that one, or ever hold it again. I just hope I'll pass it. *crossfingers*

That's it for tonight, I guess. Good night everyone! :-h

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Charm. ~:)

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