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Something about you is so addictive.
Thursday, October 1, 2009,10:29 PM
I'm over the Justin Bieber Addiction thinggy. Now, I'm back to my Obsessive Cullen Disorder disease. I really want to see the movie. It's just a month away and I'm getting so excited everyday.

I read Eclipse today for like the seventh time. It only took me a day. Record breaking. Though I've read it a lot of times and I've memorized some sweet lines from Edward, I just can't help but get so absorbed to it. Like I was feeling the same thing they're feeling. I sound crazy, right? Those people I'm texting asked me how am I and I answered them I'm sad. Automatically, the asked why and I said... "Sad kasi ung binabasa ko e." Well, I was in the sad part that time. Weird, right?

I was sad, and that was right. Not only because of what I'm reading but also because of the world LIMIT. Argh! I so hate that word. Good thing he was able to text again or I'll kill the one who made that up. To him. ^_^

The day was gloomy but I forgot the sugar-coating. :)) There was a bit of happiness and... oh, could I keep it to myself? :">

Today was kind of boring. We have a practice tomorrow. It will be fun, as always. But please, don't rain. Aww. I can't go if it rains. I'm so traumatized. I really hope there will be no flood now. And no one hurt. He said they experienced knee-high flood and I was so worried. He said everything's fine but I hope they do certain precautions and preps to make sure they'll be ready when flood comes (I really hope not) again.

Supertyphoon Pepeng right? I really hope he stays in the Northern path. Pag-Asa says that he's still in the oceans and because of that, it may change its course. We should all be ready for it and hear the news if ever we have to leave our homes. Try not to leave, though, as far as you can.

I'm getting all worked up here. So tired. Wanna sleep already. Thanks for reading. Again.

I know I can't quit,
Charm. :P

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