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When broken hearts rise up and say love is a lie
Friday, April 16, 2010,12:50 PM
You and I will stand to be love's reply. :">

Good aftie Blog. :) I am supposed to pack my things for later's trip but what I'm doing right now is blogging. Well, I'm a born procrastinator. I guess we all are, except for those people who really know their priorities - the right ones. Good for them, they know what they should be putting first, and they know what should be done last.

Anyway, that's life. I couldn't say that I'm not looking forward to our trip, but I am a bit excited. There isn't much to see in Batangas because I saw the houses of my relatives and we aren't really going to some place where I would be amazed and everything. We're only gonna see some land, trees and stuff. Then our relatives there. I should be thrilled to see them now, but I don't know what the hell is wrong with me, I am not that excited to see them. Maybe because I already saw some of them, and they're not that close with me either.

But atleast, I could still feel some excitement. I just have to be positive. And I always enjoy my stay there. There are times when I don't really want to go home yet though it's time for us to go. And maybe I might experience that again because we would go back home on the same day. Y'know, balikan. :)) Ate Abbie even called our trip there a field trip. Cause we're all in the same car and we'll have fun for sure, even on the road. We always do. XD

And I am very sure of this. It will be very hot. :| I am deliberating if I should wear shorts or half-pants so that it wouldn't be that hot, well, I'm still weighing my options. My legs aren't that presentable... I might as well just hide it. Lol. =)) And I might turn more dark... which is not a good thing. I just hope we'll not be sulked in the sun.

Enough trip talk. I'm boring you, aren't I? Sorry for that. What am I supposed to tell you now? My days are all the same. Here's my routine. There are some changes on some days but they're not that big and the things I did on the previous day are just repeated on the next.

Wake up.
Take a bath.
Go online.
Watch TV.
Watch TV.

That's my boring summer. :| Let's just hope tomorrow wouldn't be boring so that there would be some changes. Lol.

I'll end it here. Ciao!

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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