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Saturday, August 1, 2009,8:51 PM
I'm so sorry for delaying my post for couple of days. Just got really busy. Again, I'm so sorry. :)) *Yak, korni ko. :))* So, anyway, these days have been really nice to me. :))

THURSDAY. Yeah, so I haven't remembered anything but our T.L.E. Slogan making. Though we havent finished it that day, I had so much fun composing the slogan with Katrina and Jourdese who are my groupmates. It was all a group effort. Everyone helped. And that's so good. Lol. Hmn, what else that day? Oh, how very frustrating! I don't remember anything anymore. Tsk.

FRIDAY. I can remember more today. :] We had a great time at some subject and a short time in A.P. Know why? Because we were excused and went to the election of officers for Science Club at the roof deck. What's the happy part there? I was elected - by my fellow high school members - as one of the first year level representatives. Yey! Oh, and the other representative is Paul. Okay, so that's the most significant part of that. Another thing, at our service. I had a really great time there. I teased some of my "ka-service". Not that I want them to get irritated at me but because we just want to have fun. Hahaha. Peace to all. Well, they weren't annoyed so we're forgiven. So much to talk about, we played logic games. Unfortunately, they don't know what the technique was in order for them to go. But in the end, I told them the big secret. :D When it's goodbye-time, I waved them goodbye and they waved back. Yeah, those people are really great. We, and I in particular, enjoyed that day so much.

SATURDAY. My day revolved around a Harry Potter 3 book, in the morning. And the dance club, in the evening. Eventhough the person whom I did something wrong was there, professionalism reigned over me and I was able to enjoy whatever I was doing. I was proud of myself that I was able to do that. But the thing is, I faked smiles and laughs. Though some are real, the insides of me keeps on saying, "Tumatawa ka nga, masaya ka ba?!" And that made me more sad. You-know-who refused to talk to me but I can catch him staring at me. Those stares or maybe glances were many but his eyes were unreadable. Perhaps he isn't okay yet. But he's smiling and laughing and everything... could it be that he was also faking those too? *Next topic, please.* We practiced our song on Boom Boom Pow today. Though we have danced it already, Sr.Ryan said that we are to perform that again but the next time, we're more ready and prepared. The practice was great, though we repeated a lot of times until we're drowned with sweat. I really enjoyed the last round. I just felt comfortable. Yeah! It's great feeling that way. On our way home, we walked from the school gate to 7eleven. And it's raining! But it was fun. Too bad though, my head was aching a while ago. But I'm fine now, physically. :] Because, other than the reason involving You-know-who, I knew another revelation about Nips! Ouch. That both hurts. When will I stop feeling stabs at me about the two of them?!

Life goes on. And I will make the best of my days. Not just because I have problems with them means that I'll pause from being happy. I'll continue living life and try to forget them once in a while.

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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